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... yellow Mahonia fills the air with a sweet scent of Honeysuckle.



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Then in the Winter they come flying down
Light as a breath, and crisp, and brown ...

I know I probably shouldn't, but I leave fallen leaves amongst the borders.

I know it's a hiding place for slugs, but it makes a great backdrop for up and coming snowdrops and hellebores, and creeping ivy.



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It's already the middle of February and this is the first post on my blog for 2010!

What with recovering from an operation in September (all heavy duties in the garden off limits), constantly tired with working my day job, and our five week trip to Australia with Christmas inbetween, my garden at present is no Eden, be sure of that!

To put to rights, I've made a start in buying these lovely primroses after a quick visit to a local Wyevale garden centre yesterday. They are now planted up, and should do a very good job of brightening up a dull space around the front.

I had just enough time to pick up a large Tubtrug, half price at £3.99. They come in really useful for all sorts of jobs around the garden. For mixing compost, carrying water, cutting and deadheading, potting up, as planters, the list of uses is endless.

Failing miserably to make a swift exit before doing any more damage to my purse, I spotted and consequently bought a pair of woollen Thinsulate gloves, also half price at £2.99. I do find wearing gloves in the garden restrictive but these are fingerless, and today they came in really handy for keeping my hands all toasty and warm.