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I notice there's already two blooms on my Papaver Orientale Patty's Plum, planted when all the rage back in the late '90s.

I find it's colour a bit wishy-washy, but the bees seem to like it!

A garden dilemma.

Where to put eight large divisions of Rudbeckia?

Giving an abundance of striking yellow blooms right when you need them in late Autumn.

I know it's invasive, I've dug it out of the garden before.

I put it in a large pot, but it didn't want to know.

It's a thug (a beautiful one at that) of which needs to be kept under control.

Rather like Periwinkle!

Good for ground cover, in both sun or shade.

I've noticed a few self-seeders in the garden over the years, including the one above.

Do you know what it is?

It's getting on for 90cm tall, and I'm very happy it came to live in my garden.

I was thinking maybe a Stock of some kind?


It's not all pretty in the garden you know!

Edited - Thanks Flighty, the mystery plant is Sweet Rocket!



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It's been a Good Friday today in the garden.

It's now time to settle down and put my feet up for a whole hour of Monty Don in Gardener's World, with a nice mug of tea and a large slab of home-made Simnel Cake!

Happy Easter weekend to you all.

PS. Thanks Monty for a retweet on Twitter today!



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Nectar heaven for Red-tailed Bumblebees (bombus lapidarius)!



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The month of April sees my garden looking at its best.

Well that's my opinion.

I really wouldn't mind if any of these perennials and grasses ever flowered.

I love them just for their foliage.

Fresh new growth carpets the borders.

My aim is for every inch of soil to be covered.

One day?

Once the flowers appear on these perennials they will be loved by bees, of the honey, solitary and bumble kind!

With much to do at this time of year, I've been busy over past weekends and on days off.

Jobs done:

Divided one large clump of Rudbeckia into six, and Ophiopogon, making eight plants out of one.

Potted up self-sown Verbena B and Euphorbia making a dozen or more new plants, to either give away or add to the border in Autumn.

Potted up three Bronze Carex plants, bought for 30p each from a local church table-top sale.

Re-potted plants from last year, yet to find a new home.

Sown Cerinthe.

Cleaned out pots in readiness for arrival of five varieties of dark-leaf Dahlia mail order.

Pulled up 1970's concrete slabs, making more space for planting.

Picked first Rhubarb of the year, to make home-made crumble.

Pricked out hundreds and thousands of weeds, and pulled off tens of Dandelion heads!

Much time has been spent planning for the Summer ahead too.

I have quite a few spare pots (smile).

To buy:

Varieties of Mint, and Lavender plants ...

and maybe anything else that pulls at my purse strings!