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Also known as Bellflower, this really is the all round star of the garden. Look at how it has recovered from many bouts of frost! Although don't introduce it to you garden if you don't want a lot of it, as it does enjoy self seeding in all little nooks and crannies. Growing tips, well you don't need any, it just about grows anywhere!


VP said...

This is one of the plants I put in the gravel at the side of the house this year. Mine is looking a sorry heap in comparison to yours today - Mr Jack Frost has finally got to it!

You can tell you live near the sea...

Anonymous said...

I love Bellflowers and your photo is so lovely.

Thank you for stopping by . . . i have been traveling and have had no time to blog. I will soon.

Merry New Year to you and yours.
~ Becky
My Serenity Garden

Anonymous said...

I love that! I will grow it on my plot where it can seed itself around as much as it likes.
Take care xx

Lynn said...

Louise, I have posted a chipmunk picture for you ;)

Your flowers are gorgeous! I haven't had anything up for quite a while. I was thrilled to have actually gotten my garlic planted before the freezing weather hit.

I hope your holiday was grand and all you hoped it would be. We visited with family and had a nice relaxing time.

Anonymous said...


Your photos are great - so clear. I love this flower - for filling little gaps everywhere - & producing such a bright blue flower!

Seasons greetings from TopVeg

Anonymous said...

Bellflower looks rather delicate and very pretty. How lovely. I love the colour. :o)