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The flowers, tiny, fragrant and narcissi-like, on a stem. The foliage is like holly.

Otherwise known as the Oregon Grape and a member of the Barberry family, this evergreen shrub appears to do well in any situation, in full sun with dry soil or in shade with moist soil.

In the photo above, Mahonia is planted in a woodland situation in semi-shade. After a hard pruning, lovely new growth has sprung back. If no attention is paid to this shrub it will grow to be a monster!

Plant Mahonia near an open window or front door, its intoxicating scent will waft through the air as you sit or walk by, and winter bumble bees will pay interest in it too.


Selfsewn said...

Its really pretty, looks like a yellow delphinium.

Hope your sunday was warmer than mine!

Sal said...

It's very pretty, Louise. I must buy one for my garden this year.

Marie said...

You fooled me! I use Mahonia often in shady spots (have you ever tried the fruit?)but did not recognize it up close.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

I love the picture of the Mahonia flower. My shrub is just starting to put out its buds. It was a rescued plant which I have had for about 30 years.


I have never seen a Mohonia flower before which reminds of a bunch of miniature Daffodils on one stem. I would love to get one!


Gina said...

It's lovely..wish we had them down here..but will keep an eye out! "D

Poppy said...

Beautiful picture!
Thank you for your lovely comment Louise!

Love Lou xxx

elaine said...

You're always expanding my horizons. Thank-you Louise. Your garden must be breath taking....because your pictures are gorgeous. I think I would like to try Mahonia too. xox

Donna said...

Your Mahonia is beautiful! Mine is not blooming yet. It's such a wonderful garden plant and the fragrance is intoxicating (the leaves are a bit sharp)!


Acornmoon said...

Hooray for bumble bees! Your Mahonia looks lovely.