photo - The RSPB


If you've popped over to Flighty's blog lately you would have met the friendly pair of Robins who share his plot. Flighty has taken some great photos of his two.

As like mine, most gardens will have a resident Robin, but however hard I try, he/she just keeps giving me the runaround. I only have to pick up the camera and it's off!

I decided to buy a tub of mealworms, to encourage him/her to come just that little bit closer. So much for my efforts with these tasty treats, it's not the Robin who is helping itself to my moreish mealworms?

The thieves have been caught red-handed. The evidence, or lack of, is there to be seen, and Re it was no ferret!

Just for fun, would you like to guess who/what has been treating itself to these wriggly wrigglers? Entries from overseas welcome too.

The first comment to guess whodunnit correctly, will receive a set of nine pretty floral notecards, which include the ones pictured above.

Lovely, creative images to give inspiration for the gardening year ahead.



Lesley Todd said...

I'll play! I'm guessing... squirrels. As they are generally very naughty! x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention and link!
As to what is eating the mealworms I'd say another bird but as to which one...Flighty xx

nikkipolani said...

Your robin doesn't know what it's missing!

Glo said...

Well, I'll have to go along with squirrels, too ~ a red squirrel in fact if it was caught red handed ;)

Renaissance said...

Not ferrets? Oh dear, how about a blackbird?

Sal said...

I reckon it is either Jays or Magpies!

elaine said...

Oh My...they must be pretty cards. I wish I had a clue to the worm nabber. I will guess a hungry spider. Only because the spider I see above looks very hungry!