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Set in five acres of land in Kent, the Yalding Gardens is an inspirational garden for creative gardeners.

A dilapidated shed.

Rustic looking compost bins.

A garden roller.

A large clump of Rhubarb and terracotta forcer.

Willow poles covered with Runner Beans.

A raised bed full of Courgette plants.

An old wooden butt.

Borders full of colour.



life in red shoes said...

Beautiful, old and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise, What captivating images of what looks like a most intriguing garden in Kent. Clearly the garden owners are creative individuals as there is such an artistic eye about so much that you present here.

I have found your weblog as a happy coincidence and have signed myself as a 'Follower' in order to keep in touch.

Glo said...

So many interesting spots to visit ~ and lovely to see it through your eyes.

Flighty said...

Wonderful, that's definitely my kind of garden and shed!
It sounds and looks rather familar so I wonder if I've been there. If I have it must have been a long time ago! Flighty xx

Bumpkin Hill said...

Great ideas, I wish I had been able to keep my Granny's roller just like that one, just too heavy to get over to Belgium!!

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Lovely pictures. Silver barn boards do something to me. Your photo compositions with the twinging plants and old farm items are powerful.