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I've never seen one of these before - an unidentified flying object!

It's a female Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly.

It flew into my garden today, and it was huge!

I'm hoping it comes back so I can take a closer look.



Glo said...

What an interesting looking creature! I'm glad someone identified it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Louise,
Brilliant photo, It's good to learn what type of dragonfly it is as I wouldn't have known. I haven't seen a dragonfly yet this year.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to see and photograph this wonderful looking dragonfly! Flighty xx

Simone said...

It looks a bit waspy in colour! I have yet to see a dragonfly yet this year. x

Mag said...

Lovely Dragonfly!
I can never name them anything other than just Dragonfly!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what an impressive creature!

Christy said...

It's a beautiful one! Sorry I haven't visited your garden for a long while.

Suburbia said...

fantastic pic of it.

Like your new header.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Great picture Louise and well done for tracking down its identity.

I came across a Praying Mantis last year. Incredible up close.


Anonymous said...

wow, it's beautiful

Trees For Sale said...

To me, this looks like it's got a stinger. Maybe it's of the wasp or hornet family.