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I spent most of the weekend out in the garden. Whilst going round having a general winter tidy, I was noticing how many flowerpots have cracked and broken, most unusual as I don't usually lose any? Quite a few of my lovely old antique pots have succumbed this year, and these are practically irreplacable, as quite scarce and usually expensive.

I have been lucky in the past, acquiring some from carboots and a bargain job lot for a fiver at Ardingly antiques fair, but these are only small ones, and the ones I have lost are larger, and these are the pots I use for my auriculas, and auriculas do look so much nicer planted in antique pots, don't you think?

Judith from Everything In The Garden's Rosy, I am in agreement with you, I was thinking the very same.

Michele from Cowboys & Custard made a good point about using the breakages for crocks. Yes, at least this is another use for them!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your pots. I like to group terracota pots together.
Sara from farmingfriends

Threadspider said...

What a shame Louise.I do like auriculas and as you say, they look so good in old pots. I hope you can find some more replacements.Perhaps the very wet weather last summer may have contributed to their fragility and last week's cold finally finished them off?

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Louise
There is nothing more attractive than old rustic terracotta pots with all their flaws..
My lovely old terracotta planters have succumbed to the frosts over the years because I have always forgotten to wrap them up for the winter but not this year!.. I inherited some beautiful large old pots from my parents garden and have lagged them in bubble wrap to avoid any casualties this year.
I find reclamation yards can be good for old terracotta but can be pricey.. car booties are best.
I love old watering cans too..
Use the shards for crocks.. at least they get re-cycled that way..

Little Blue Violet said...

So sad about your pots. I really enjoy your blog. It is right up my alley or, as the case is, garden path. Im going to add you to my list of favorite blogs. Thank you for giving such joy thru your lovely blog.