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I knew when Autumn came
Not by the crimson flame
Of leaves that lapped the eaves
Or mist
In amethyst
And opal-tinted weaves
But because there were alley-taws
Punctual as hips and haws
On the counter of Mrs Shaw's.

by Barbara Euphan Todd

Stone or clay formed the earliest marbles, but the alabaster 'alley-taws' made better shooters than the cheaper clay - these words are taken from the National Toy Hall of Fame website.


Christy said...

Happy September 1st!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The clear light of autumn is evident in your lovely photo!

Anonymous said...

*groan* but we haven't had any sunshine! :o(
I love the ppicture though... it wouln't be out of place on display at the kids Harvest Festivals!

Lavinia said...

What are alley taws?

Wienerm├Ądel + Co said...

a nice autumn poem! I love the light and the colours of autumn so very much that I do not miss the green and blossoming of summer time.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful photograph
Sara from farmingfriends

Little Blue Violet said...

I love this poem ! Wonderful post and beautiful photo.

Gina said...

Love this photo Louise..what a beautiful part of your garden..hope you're getting some time in your 'patch' atm..Gxox

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the poem fragment. I had this in a schoolbook, and it has been nipping my head for years.

Plant Nursery said...

Fall is a sad time for me. I know all the pretty blooms and blossoms will soon be a thing of the past.I do enjoy your posts and pictures.