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Throughout the winter months there will be many resident blackbirds around the garden. Leave a few apples on the ground, they will soon be found, and enjoyed.

At this time of year with the breeding season ahead, each male blackbird will become highly territorial, and will be seen, and heard, vying for the attention of the female. The winner usually being the dominant one.

The apples, and the copious amounts of rain we have been having lately, will too attract slugs. Notice the tiny black one on the terracotta, a real menace to the gardener!


Anonymous said...

Now if you can get the birds to pick up slugs while they're out snacking on apples.....

sheila said...

Great shot!

I'm struggling with slugs. They inflict SO MUCH damage, it's incredible. And they get out so much more than I do right now! Argh.

Christy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your garden in the spring time!