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The Primrose gets its name from 'prima rosa' meaning first rose.

At the beginning of a new gardening year, the pretty 'primrose yellow' flowers are one of the first to come into bloom.

Last year, immediately after flowering, I divided clumps which had become congested to multiply along banks around the garden. Now my 'plants for free' are coming through, with great success.


Sal said...

They are beautiful flowers!
And I do so love the pale yellow Primrose rather than the brightly coloured Polyanthus. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love free plants, too :-) Yours are beautiful and so nice that they divide and thrive so easily!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

It is lovely to see these first baby steps of Springtime. We are expecting snow tonight, though!

Glo said...

Mine survived the snowy cold winter, too! I took a photo of them today. Gives us hope of spring even though it is still frosty here in the mornings. It's good to be able to separate the clumps and share them with the rest of the garden.

Suburbia said...

The first flowers to brighten the garden are sooooo welcome aren't they?!

Selfsewn said...

If you didnt live so far away I would give you some rhubarb as I have 3 clumps. Its also too heavy to post!


life in red shoes said...

Louise, thank you for the comment, you are a love.

I love primrose, but here in my neck of the woods they don't enjoy winter:(

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Primulas are sold around here as potted plants at the end of winter to get a jump on Spring. Many people do not realize that you can plant them outside in May. They let them dry out and then throw them away! Love the info, I wish it was more widely known.

Anonymous said...

Lovely plants and flowers! xx