water - important for any individual living thing.

berries - important to encourage birds and wildlife into the garden.

my photos

Flowers, leaves and berries of the Hypericum.



ginny farquhar said...

the water on the hypericum is wonderful louise...
enjoy your last day of leisure!

daffy said...

Berry pic is loverly!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I was just watching bits of Planet Earth DVD series the other night. You couldn't be more correct about water!

life in red shoes said...

I am thankful to you for sharing your beautiful photos and advice.
I am asking a question on my blog and would like to participate if possible.
Thank you
And your package will go out on Monday. Is there anything from the states that I could add?

Suz said...

I call that plant..bush..St John's Wort. It is covered in flowers every year. Hundreds and hundreds of bees on fact the bush hummed!
I don't know how to add your button,but it doesn't matter, I'm always grateful...I don't need a button...However, we don't lose our daylight at 2pm!
bah I get it.

Gina said...

beautiful the water on the of my favourite plants in our garden too Gx