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The female of the species, is much browner than the male.

These Common Blue butterflies have been enjoying a small space in my garden.

I'm glad I managed these photos. They sure were 'flitty'.



BernieH said...

Such a lovely butterfly ... just love that last shot where the light picks up all the blue on it's wings!

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise, I do so enjoy butterflies in the garden and am very much of the opinion that we, as gardeners, should do all that we can to encourage them. And all forms of wildlife, within reason, come to that.

harmony and rosie said...

And beautiful photos they are too. I wonder how long they'll be around for though, it's turning quite cold now ..

Esther Montgomery said...

Imagine having a silk evening dress in the colours of common blue wings.


Reading Tea Leaves said...

I've enjoyed seeing lots of Common Blues in the garden this year. They are so pretty and delicate.

Wonderful photos as ever Louise.


Anonymous said...

Seen a few 'blues' this year, but not sure about the 'browns'!
Butterflies always seem to be 'flitty' when we try and take photos of them. Flighty xx

Simone said...

They are stunning photos Louise. I think the female butterfly has lovely markings on her closed wings. x

Purrfect Haven said...

be proud of your shots... do you go up close or use zoom? Helen e

Lori at Jarvis House said...

How lucky you are to have these special Blue butterflies in your garden. I have never seen them around the Jarvis patch. Wonderful post.

Glo said...

The lighting and colouring of your beautiful butterfly photos are perfect :) I love the blue one in particular.

Anonymous said...

They don't look common at all, esp the way you've caught the light on their wings. These are lovely photos, Louise.