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Over the last month or so, I have seen what appears to be a young fox on a number of occasions just chilling in our garden border, lapping up late afternoon sunshine.

I do know that foxes have used our garden in the past. Evidence of tunnelling on the banks, holes dug in the soil, and calling cards left.

I once found a buried parsnip!

This fox looks a little undernourished, but it must have a food source close by.


Inbetween scavaging, this fox enjoys Basking.




Then sensing me from behind the curtains. It scats!

Now this is another fox, which appears older. Possibly a parent of the above?

The other evening we caught it peering in from outside the front door - the next day I disturbed it lying in a flower border close to the property, and today I opened up the back door and it was looking over from the garden bench.

The audacity!

This one doesn't seem nervous at all. For a wild animal it seems very tame, and casually trots away up the steps to the top of the garden. Where the grass snake lives!

What is your view on urban foxes?

I would not leave food for them, or water, but to be honest I can tolerate them around our garden, for now anyway.

Foxes belong in the countryside, but it looks like they are in and around our living space to stay.

Once I get a whiff of any major damage around the place, Ill turf the Renardine out the shed.

So any urban foxes who happen to be out there.




Simone said...

Lovely foxy close ups Louise. Our fox cubs grew up and moved away at the end of July. They stole one of my Birkenstock shoes which mysteriously turned up in my garden this week!!!

The fox in your first couple of photos look healthy to me. The ones in my garden had dirty, grey coats and were forever scratching.

I wouldn't encourage the urban fox even though I like to watch them, I think the countryside is their natural home.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to see and photograph these wonderful creatures, and I am rather envious!
I like foxes but agree that they shouldn't be encouraged in any way.
I've seen very little of the allotment foxes lately although they are still around. Flighty xx

Reading Tea Leaves said...

I think you are doing the right thing in not encouraging them Louise - they're place is definitely in the countryside. Let's hope they keep a low profile and behave themselves while they are on your patch!

Wonderful photos.


Marie said...

What wonderful pictures, Louise, what beautiful animals. How much actual countryside is left for them?

Purrfect Haven said...

a priviledge to be visited in such a way and to capture super shots. There has been some bad press here of foxes biting people's ears and children in the night as they sleep and the coverage can get very blown up. Helen x

Suburbia said...

What fab pics, how clever of you to catch him so well and not be spotted too soon.

Beacee said...

Lovely photos, lovely animals.

eden said...

Beautiful photos. Great shots.

Carletta said...

He is such a cute little thing!

Rose L said...

I adore the fox photos! I check your blog regularly! Keep it coming!
We share interests--nature and photography!!

Rose L said...

Oh, if you want to visit my blog:

elaine said...

The foxes haven't got that brazen around here yet. I don't know how well I would receive them. As you long as no harm is done. Beautiful shots!

Anonymous said...

Oh what beautiful photos!

We had a "resident fox" on the campus where I studied at university. The first time I saw him as when I opened my curtains one morning and saw something down by the wash-block. After that I used to see him regularly as I walked from hall to hall far later in the evening that I should have been out and about on my own... I used to see him as a companion on those quiet, solitary moments as he'd always appear right when I was thinking "I shouldn't be out alone at this time of night, even if I am on campus!"

Lori at Jarvis House said...

How lucky you are that the fox didn't mind you so near to him, and you were able to get all of those wonderful photos. I love foxes. I saw one in my driveway last year while I was putting out the garbage at 6:00 am. I live in suburban Long Island, but they are here too. I saw one in an arboretum last summer, and there is a family of foxes living near my brother a few miles away. He is in a more northern neighborhood, that had a lot of woods and the Sound near by. I guess that foxes are opportunistic and eat a variety of things, but love them anyway. Cheers tothe foxes!