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I'd rather be out than in.

Being outside is where my heart and soul really belong.

Guessing my love of the outdoors stems from my childhood, and from my Dad who chose an outdoor occupation, as a farmer.

My Dad liked to work alone, just as I like to be alone in my garden.

This is a place where I feel calm and relaxed. To just be me. A place where I can fully escape from the mundane in life. A place I love to be.

Even a heart-shape has formed all by itself in the shrubbery, to remind me of this.

I have missed being outside.

It's not like me to be absent from the garden, or my blog for so long.

Truth is, over the past seven weeks I've been fighting a bout of Laryngitis, and all the symptoms that go with it, and what with everyday life getting in the way too, there'd be zero energy left for the garden, or this blog.

I've felt happy to be back in the garden this past week.

The winter bees are back out too, happy to be buzzing around scented winter clematis.

Bronze carex
A garden at this time of year, brings with it hope.
With the prospect of warmth, bulbs will burst into growth, plants will flower, and birds will nest.
Spring brings with it, new beginnings.



Glo said...

Hi Louise ~ I'm glad to know you went outside and found spring cuddled and curled up just waiting to burst forth as soon as it can. I left some heart shapes that I found today for you on my blog. Hope you feel well really soon! I have a friend who is a farmer and she feels the same about being outdoors. She calls it 'soil for the soul'... She's never happier than being out there in her garden.

Simone said...

I am sorry that you have been unwell for so long Louise. It must have really brought you down. Soon we will be doing our garden posts again and I will be moaning about it being too hot and the grass getting scorched!!! February is nearly upon us and soon it will be March. Hurrah!!! x

ahomespunyear said...

Hope you're feeling much better's just the time of year for all kinds of illness.

I've been out in the garden this felt brill to do a bit of tidying of all the dead stems - very therapeutic!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! I'm happy when it's just me and the robin(s) on the plot. Not that I've done more than had a quick look round once or twice a week over the couple of months. Roll on spring! Flighty xx

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you've been ill, Louise. But hopefully, you're on the mend and soon spending all the time you want enjoying gardens and birds and scenes.

life in red shoes said...

Your pics are so perfect, just like your words.
I can't wait to get out :)