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Good progress has been made in the garden this month.

With a lot of ivy pulling, cutting back and trips to the tip, the garden is looking much better for all our hard efforts.

My back is now killing me!

The top photo is Hawthorn.

The bare branches of the tree are noticably striking against the bright sunny skies we've been seeing this month, adding interest to the garden in Winter.

The photo above is Hazel.

I had been contemplating using it to join in with the Tree Year Project, but this along with the Hawthorn, are now in for a severe prune!

However, I shall be following Flighty over on his blog, as he watches his plot Hawthorn changing throughout the seasons, and Glo who is keeping a sharp eye on a Hazel.

In the meantime, I've signed the petition to Save England's Ancient Forests over on The Woodland Trust.

I've noticed too how the bare branches of Philadelphus are adding interest to the Winter garden ...

along with Grasses ...

and Rosehips.


Glo said...

Hi Louise ~ I, too, have been noticing how beautifully many bare branches silhouette against the blue sky. Now with the little nobbly buds showing their presence, the 'bones' of the trees have a little more dimension. Good for you getting some tidying up done in the garden. I need to do the same. There are quite a few bits of broken branches that have fallen from the evergreens when it was which is perched on my roof! It will have to wait until the next gust.

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise, It certainly is very satisfying tidying the garden before the growing season gets underway in earnest, but it is hard work.

The photographs of your plants against the azure sky look wonderful and do show that there is a great deal of interest in branches, berries and the skeletons of plants which is often overlooked.

Mag said...

I'm loving all your photos!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, wonderful photos and thanks for the mention!
I'm wanting to get working on the plot again but it's still been too cold and/or wet! Flighty xx

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Your garden photos of branches look a lot different from those of my garden here on Long Island. We are having an ice storm and they are coated with glistening ice. Looks pretty, but it does a lot of damage to spindly shrubs. Cheers

Suburbia said...

So beautiful