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I notice there's already two blooms on my Papaver Orientale Patty's Plum, planted when all the rage back in the late '90s.

I find it's colour a bit wishy-washy, but the bees seem to like it!

A garden dilemma.

Where to put eight large divisions of Rudbeckia?

Giving an abundance of striking yellow blooms right when you need them in late Autumn.

I know it's invasive, I've dug it out of the garden before.

I put it in a large pot, but it didn't want to know.

It's a thug (a beautiful one at that) of which needs to be kept under control.

Rather like Periwinkle!

Good for ground cover, in both sun or shade.

I've noticed a few self-seeders in the garden over the years, including the one above.

Do you know what it is?

It's getting on for 90cm tall, and I'm very happy it came to live in my garden.

I was thinking maybe a Stock of some kind?


It's not all pretty in the garden you know!

Edited - Thanks Flighty, the mystery plant is Sweet Rocket!



Esther Montgomery said...

Hm. I wish I could grow poppies.

There were some California ones coming up (I know they are different, none the less . . .) but even they have disappeared.


Pomona said...

The thug of our garden is soapwort - a complete nightmare which overruns everything! I wish I had never planted it.

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

I really like Patty's plum but then I am never up to date with fashion! I also planted Raspberry Queen last year which is a bit stronger in colour.
I am not sure about your white flower, it reminds me of Virginian Stock too.
Poor old frog, he looks a bit gruesome!

The Plotkeeper said...

I love annual poppies and keep the seed every year and then scatter them around with abandon. I have rudbeckia as well , invasive, yes but when in flower they just look so happy. I have some sulking in pots too. Great blog thanks.

Anonymous said...

I like all these, and I've got an oriential poppy growing on the plot but there's no sign of any buds yet.
Your mystery plant looks like white sweet rocket(hesperis matronalis)!
Flighty xx

Mag said...

A knowing nod about Soapwort! Pretty flower though. And compared to Ground Elder, not so bad!

Mystery plant certainly does look like Sweet Rocket / Dame's Violet (and probably lots of other names as well). Smells delicious in the evening, also comes in purple and mauve, and self seeds well! I have it a-plenty (no white though, as yet) but can't remember ever buying a plant!

Mag said...

Forgot to say: I do love Periwinkle and it is quite restrained in my garden!

Lori at Jarvis House said...

I think that the unidentified white flowering plant is a "weed." I transplanted some from across the street at the Cinema Arts Center, but I think it is a weed non the less. It sends out hard small seeds that take everywhere, so be careful. It is a very white white and does look pretty, but it spreds.

periwinkle said...

Oh I'm not a thug - Honestly !

elaine said...

I love just everything about periwinkle. ... Louise, when I first saw your mystery plant I thought of something I have in my own garden called Phlox paniculata. I find it to be very well behaved and loyal. But, I may be wrong as the majority of the comments are calling it something else.