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It's been a Good Friday today in the garden.

It's now time to settle down and put my feet up for a whole hour of Monty Don in Gardener's World, with a nice mug of tea and a large slab of home-made Simnel Cake!

Happy Easter weekend to you all.

PS. Thanks Monty for a retweet on Twitter today!



BernieH said...

Sounds like a great night in! Have a Happy Easter.

Glo said...

What a beautiful vivid blue! A well-deserved rest with Monty and the cake :) Sounds a perfect end to a busy gardening day.

Happy Easter!

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Beautiful photo of Wood Hyacinths. I love their bluness, and they naturalize really well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! Flighty xx

Pomona said...

It was a treat on Friday night, wasn't it? There was a nice article about him in the Telegraph on Saturday - and you might have seen us in the Sunday Telegraph yesterday!

Pomona x

Simone said...

I am glad you had a Good Friday with Monty!!! x

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blue, my favourite colour of course!
I have got Monty saved to watch later tonight.
I have been enjoying reading some more of your older posts, love the foxy photos and the holly blue. x

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Ooh bit late with my comment and yes, it was a joy to have Monty & Co for a whole hour on Good Friday!

Hope your Easter was good and restful.


Online Nursery said...

Nothing like a quiet evening with some sweet tasting therapy and a favorite tv show or book. Enjoy!