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Would you believe at the end of May I was praying for rain?

Well my prayer was pretty much answered. After an exceptionally dry month in May, June has seen its fair share of heavy showers, with hail and a cracking good thunderstorm thrown in.

The garden's enjoyed endless soakings, and the water-butts are full.

Pretty yellow Lysamachia above (my Dad calls it Bombsite 'cos as a kid he remembers it growing on unused and neglected spaces).

A beautiful bronze Comma butterfly perching on Euphorbia seed-heads.

With a list of to-do jobs as long as your arm, this kind of weather can seriously hold you up.

With much to do and limited time, you begin to wonder whether you're ever going to get anything done?


It's only by having time off work, and a spell of fine weather, I've been able to make some kind of headway.

There's been a lot of cutting back to do of early Summer perennials, to make room for annuals like Cosmos, Cerinthe and Calendula, which I've grown from seed.

Whatever size garden you have, there's never enough space!

I wouldn't say no to a few more day lilies, like the one above.

Here's that Comma again, this time on the seaside-loving shrub Escallonia.

I've also noticed a rather handsome pair of Red Admirals taking nectar from Giant Scabious, and big hairy caterpillars that I've yet to identify?

There's a rather cute pair of baby blackbirds around too, getting pretty tubby with their endless feasting on Amelanchier berries, and sultanas!

I love my garden, and all those who love it too.



BernieH said...

Louise, how lovely you got to have time off work to do some of those jobs out in your beautiful garden. Loved all the photos ... that Red Admiral is certainly quite handsome. I was intrigued to hear about your Dad's name for Lysamachia. That's a plant I'm not familiar with, but obviously it's quite a hardy thing.

nikkipolani said...

These are such dreamy photos, Louise. You've quite the eye. And I sympathise with your sentiment about garden space. However, along with additional space, I wouldn't mind staff, too!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you seeing those butterflies! There's never enough space or time as far as gardening is concerned, and as for the recent weather...
Flighty xx

Rita M said...

There is never enough space for flowers, herbs and ....
Nice pics.

Suburbia said...

Be careful what you wish for!!!

Mind you the rain has helped my turf take root :-)

Love your pics

Lori at Jarvis House said...

It is a wonderful time of year. I have a family of Catbirds nesting and feeding four chicks in a Butterfly bish near a kitchen window.They don't know that I can look in on them without disturbing the babies. The nest is rather low, about four feet up, but I looked it up and I guess that is the normal thing that they do. Cheers