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To date it's been a good year for soft fruit in my garden.

That includes a successful first crop of Strawberries, and hopefully another smaller flush to follow in a month or so?

Today I picked 3lb of Gooseberries, off one bush.

Now for the top and tailing!

Yet more Raspberries, which are always in plentiful supply.

There's just enough here to use in an Almond and Raspberry Cake.

I can definitely vouch for this cake being equally delicious cold, or served warm with ice-cream.

Just the Redcurrants laying in wait to be picked now!



elaine said...

It's all looking good - I have picked all I'm going to pick now jams made, freezer full - i'll leave the rest for the birds.

Bumpkin Hill said...

mmmmmm yumm! Those raspberries look delicious. For the first year I've got a really good crop of plums ripening on some trees I rescued from an allotment a few years ago. They are not quite ready but need to get to them before the birds, at least some of them! Now what to do with them all, plum crumble... not sure if you can freeze/cook and freeze plums, I don't think so. I wonder if I could try plum jam... have you ever had plums? I've got lots of garden photos from my trip in the UK over on my Blog if you fancy visiting. Have a lovely weekend, x

trish said...

Wow, what beautiful fruit.
I topped and tailed some black currants and gooseberries the other week, and podded some broad beans. Oh my stained fingers!!!x

greenthumb said...

Wow what great fruit you can grow, yum.

Suburbia said...

Oooo! That all look SO delicious! Beautiful photography :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not keen on gooseberries but like raspberries. As you say it's been a good year for soft fruit. Flighty xx

Flowering Trees Tennessee said...

Yum! WOW!! what great fruit you can grow..
Thanks for sharing..