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Hummingbird Hawk-moths move at speed, and are not easy to photo, so I was pleased to get these three photos of one in action in my garden.

I've noticed this particular one returning to the same patch of Verbena B since the end of August.

If you have seen one or more in your garden, you can plot your sighting at the Migrant Watch webpage.



nikkipolani said...

Wow, Louise. These are fantastic shots! That last one is phenomenal.

trish said...

Wonderful, just wonderful. Sadly I haven't seen any in my patch.
Much love.

harmony and rosie said...

amazing photos.

Jenny said...

Beautiful photos.

Glo said...

Love your header, Louise! When I first heard someone mention a Hummingbird Hawk-moth, I thought they were making up the name! It's such an odd one, but once you see the creature, it fits! What an amazing photos you took :)

periwinkle said...

Lovely photo's Louise , we found a Grey Dagger Moth caterpillar in our yard the other day . It's the first time I've ever seen one .

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, and lucky you as I've never seen one! Flighty xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
I would gladly travel back in time,we could pick up those we love who are no longer with us,imagine that?
I love these pictures they are stunning,i have only seen one of these beautiful moths,i was alone and thought it was some rare little bird at first i was mesmerized,we planted verbena at the coast and it is thriving,i love how it dances in the breeze,
Love to you X

life in red shoes said...

Great shots!

haizi daizi said...

What fab pictures, thank you so much for sharing, hope you have a happy Wednesday x

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
Just discovered your blog. Loving the photos. You're so lucky to have hummingbird hawk moths visiting your garden. They haven't made it to my part of Wales yet but we did see one at Pensthorpe (where they used to film Springwatch) last year and it felt very special.