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I don't know where they've been hiding up until now, but today I spotted the first Painted Lady of the year.

A year or so back Britain saw an invasion!

Have you seen one or more, or a Hummingbird Hawk-moth in your garden this year? If so, how about plotting your finding(s) at the Butterfly Conservation's website in their survey Migrant Watch.

In my garden both species have been favouring Verbena Bonarensis.

Which plant(s) have you spotted either species on?


Anonymous said...

Painted Ladies are summer migrants so I'd guess that this one is heading south.
Sadly I've seen none this year, or any Hummingbird hawk-moths!
Flighty xx

Suburbia said...

Definitely no Hummingbird Hawk Moths

Loads of bees though I'm glad to say.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
Brilliant photo! You are lucky, I haven't seen a Painted Lady for two years, we had a big invasion then but nothing since. I have never seen a Hummningbird Hawk moth but would love to so always keep an eye out. x
Hope you have success if you try your Robin with the suet pellets.