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Sweet sentiment from one of my favourite children's illustrator, Mabel Lucie Attwell. Hope you likes!

Today I have been dividing perennials and have made new plants from eryngium, achillea and coreopsis, and dug up three clumps of tradescanthia, moved one of them and giving the other two away. You can really save money by doing this, as these plants can cost a fortune to buy at this size from the garden centre, and at the same time you are able to swap your plants with others.

I seem to be forever turfing out plants and moving them, every year, never being quite satisfied where I have put them.


Lynn said...

Oh how sweet! It would make a nice embroidery with garden background to hang on the wall.

Anonymous said...

I likes! xx

Naturegirl said...

How wonderful that you are dividing plants already..while many of us still have gardens with snow!Love the wee verse. :)NG

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think dividing perennials is a really sensible thing to do. I've had loads of new plants this way and of course we share out plants between family and friends. My sisters are always very generous and will go out in the garden with a fork to divide up anything interesting. Love all your photos...will be back to read more.
Margaret and Noreen from THY

Lesley Todd said...

Mmmm... i wonder if there are any plants in our garden which could be divided. I'm a proper novice and I don't know what all the plants are in the garden! Can you divide any perennial?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you reminded me that I need to divide my agapanthus! I do so love tradescantia. Here in So Cal, it's often the only thing that will do well in boggy clay.

Joanna said...

What sweet words, and that is what Cpatain RUpert and I hope to achieve in the garden. Deviding plants is great, and I love passing them on to other people, the plants seem to like it too.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Atwell sentiment, and thanks for the reminder I really should be out there now.