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CROCUS - Youthful gladness, Cheerfulness

Thanks so much to everyone who has so far voted in my January/February poll, but don't stop now, we have a few days to go yet! I know it is a tough decision to vote for a favourite spring bulb, as in my eyes, every single one of them deserves poll position, but so far crocus hasn't received a single vote. I hope the photos that I took yesterday of crocus in my garden, will sway someone into casting a vote, crocus really are beautiful.

As some of you may be aware I have spent a whole month away and left my garden, well in its winter state. I couldn't believe on my return how much it has changed, you don't tend to notice this so much when you are living with it day to day. The crocus have not only sprung through but are in flower, as are the snowdrops and leucojum, and the narcissi and jonquils which I have in pots, are well on their way too!


kate said...

It is amazing to see how much a garden can change in spring - even from week to week. From month to month, it's even more dramatic.

Lucky you to have spring blooms outdoors.

Anonymous said...

I live in the states zone 6. It's still winter. I voted for the snow drop because it's the first to show up in my yard every year. The crocus are always welcome! You take lovely pictures. Your blog is such an inspiration. Thank-you.

Joanna said...

I sent you an email the other day and it has just been bounced bck to me along with some others I sent. Will try and work out what went wrong, I just wanted you to know I had emailed you about the change of packaging and I emailed again today, I have no idea if you would of got this as I need to investigate whats up with my email. Its lovely to see the change in ones garden after being away and the crocuses look wonderful, I planted 3 bulbs which I thought would be useless but ended up with after a bulb swap with my mum and they have flowered so well.

Anonymous said...

I love crocus but only started seeing them in quantity over the past week or so. Some daffodils were to be seen in flower before the end of January!

ginny said...

Hi Louise,
nice to see you again.. have missed popping over to your patch... wondered how you were doing.. now we know... you've been on a trip of a lifetime. can't wait to hear all about your travels.
ps. crocii? are good .. love their vivid colours

Anonymous said...

Spring flowers are always so welcome.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment about not seeing any crocus yet and then plastered on the front page of our local newspaper the very next day showed a few miles from me..Crocus in bloom! ok...but not mine yet. Just thought it was ironic. Louise, your pictures are so big and beautiful. Thanks.