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Sheila from Greenridge Chronicles wants to know what the little mauve plant is, which crept into my shot of the celandine, well it is Aubrieta. Even though I loathe to call any garden plant common, this little rock plant is readily available in our garden centres, although sometimes difficult to find in any colour other than this shade of mauve. My neighbour has it in cerise, which is gorgeous.

These plants thrive in both fairly rich soil and to be quite honest fairly dry soil, I have them planted in both, and they both seem to do equally as well.

They are named after M Aubriet who was a French botanical artist.


VP said...

Aubretia already you lucky thing! Mine's sulking at the moment.

To answer your question over on my blog - no I haven't got a greenhouse, just 2 cold frames. I suspect I'll be doing even more seed tray juggling than usual over the next few weeks!

Anonymous said...

It comes in blue,purple and red, and is a delightful rock plant. xx

Elizabeth said...

Came to your site via Jo at Captain Rupert.
What a beautiful site.
I ended up in Morocco though I was born in England.
I miss England terribly and your site make it - well, the best bits!! - come to life.
I love gardening but am confined to pots on the roof.
May I add you to my blog roll?