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WHITE VIOLETS - Let's take a chance

Since medieval times the violet has represented the month of March in the flower calendar because this was the normal month of its emergence.

I have discovered C W Groves & Son, a nursery in Bridport in Dorset, which specialises in various species of violet. Another place to visit, when we are next down that part of the country.

Another violet post coming soon.

Elaine from Feel My Felt asked if these violets are growing out of paving, and noticed the two other plants in the photo. Yes they are coming through a crack in the paving, they have self-seeded here. The two other plants in the photo, are sedum which will grow just about anywhere, and herb robert, which is a member of the geranium family, practically a weed in my garden. I am forever pulling it up, the whole plant has a very pungent smell!


Anonymous said...

How SWEET these look, Louise! I'm growing the more usual purple violets though they are fighting a losing battle with bugs.

Lesley Todd said...

They are sooo pretty! Spring is well and truly here isn't it? :-) It'll probably be freezing now I've said that!! ;-)

Threadspider said...

Such lovely violets. Are the scented too?

Anonymous said...

I like these! xx

Anonymous said...

Are these violets growing from a paved area? They're very determined and healthy. I see a couple of other plants there vying for the same space as well. Can't wait to see more about violets. I love them. Mine are just barely emerging from this long cold winter. p.s. I saw you have some Irish roots on an earlier post. I went to that site with the coats of arms too. It's a wonder I get anything else done -- b/c I spend so much time reading blogs.
Yours are sure favorites.

VP said...

Oh how gorgeous Louise! Are they the sweet smelling type too?

Levin said...

i love violets - but we just have the standard variety in our garden.
thanks for the comment on my blog. in answer to your comment about quilters liking your gardening blog, it's because quilts look gorgeous on a lawn in a beautiful garden! The two complement each other perfectly. I'm hoping that my next quilt we be our new picnic rug.
i love the facts about plants.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that's why you titled it let's take a chance. Defying anyone to step on them. =) So pretty.

Little Blue Violet said...

Years ago ,my hubby and I had a home wayyyy out in the country. Our most of our acreage was woodsy forrest like. There were wild violets every where and Jack in the Pulpit,(which I adore). But the thing that amazed me most was how many of the violet plants were pure white. I hd never seen the likes of it before and I am a fairly avid gardener. We would find them up at the ballfield and when out picking berries along roadsides. The are a unique find and so lovely.