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CELANDINE - Future joy

To the Small Celandine
William Wordsworth

Pansies, lilies, kingcups, daisies
Let them live upon their praises
Long as there’s sun that sets
Primroses will have their glory
Long as there are violets
They will have a place in story
There’s a flower that shall be mine
‘Tis the little Celandine

'Ere a leaf is on a bush
In the time before the thrush
Has a thought about her nest
Thou wilt come with half a call
Spreading out thy glossy breast
Like a careless Prodigal
Telling tales about the sun
When we’ve little warmth, or none

I am sure in a book, I have seen this beautiful little plant classed as a weed?


thepowerguides said...

I must admit have never read that poem and reading it reminded me of how much I like Wordsworths Poetry

thanks for sharing


VP said...

I love the poem Louise. Yes, it's a weed (OK wildflower actually) in my garden as it's in my lawn and gravel path. However, at this time of the year I forgive it entirely!

BTW I've been to Valledemosa - it's lovely there isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Louise, I love visiting your blog/blogs.

Threadspider said...

I wonder if WW really preferred celandines to daffodils?
I didn't know that little poem at all but it does capture how entrancing these little beauties are.
Great coincidence we posted celandines on the same day : > )

sheila said...

Okay, now what is that little purple flower next to the celandine? It's so lovely.

I'm off to see if celandine is related to cyclamen - the leaves look very much like those of the outside cyclamen we have here. I'll see if I can post a picture tomorrow.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love celendines, they're such a bright spring flower. They might be a weed in a gardenm I think they're quite persistant which can be a nuisance.

Anonymous said...

yes I think that I have seen it classed as a weed but they are still beautiful wild flowers. They are growing all over my orchard. coating the ground with splashes of green and yellow. Sara from farmingfriends

Rhondi said...

Hi Louise
Now that I am looking through this blog I realize that I have visited it before. It's not my first time after all. Sweet little poem about the celandine.
I'm out to my garden now to trim our holly hedge.