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I really look forward to this time of year in the garden when there is new growth on plants, and plants are re-emerging from their winter sleep; and the birds are singing, gathering nesting material, busy making a warm and cosy home in readiness for the laying of their eggs, and the imminent arrival of their tiny fledglings.

This is the theme I am using for my competition to mark the fact I now have 100 garden blog posts behind me. The prize is the lovely bird above, not sure which bird species she comes from, but attractive nevertheless! She wants to go to a home where the occupants are hard working and industrious, just like she is, so there is some thinking involved.

The rules of the competition are to name all six plants below. They are all perennials and these photos were taken of new growth. Please leave your answers as a comment listing your answers from a) to f)







The entrant who guesses the most correct will get the birdie. In the event of a tie, I shall put all relavant names in a bird's nest and pull one out! I shall choose a winner from all entries on Saturday the 3rd of May.

Now get guessing!


VP said...

Congratulation Louise and what a great idea! I see I'm going to have to work hard on this one - hmmm...

You need to come over to my place to collect an award on Friday. Hopefully Google will behave itself and my post dated for then will pop up and all will be revealed!

BumbleVee said...

a)snow on the mountain
b)snow drop anemone
c)some succulent...not sure..
d)hops vine or... ivy ?
f)fuzzy leaf sage.."Old Man?"

I don't really know...just having a guess and thinking I recognize a few leaves from my garden...

Threadspider said...

Congratulations Louise and what a lovely idea for a competition. I'll mail my answers!
Lovely to see the comma butterfly on your sidebar-my first sighting was a Peacock, but I haven't seen a single Brimstone yet this year.

Suburbia said...

Oh I've got 4 of those but no idea what they're called. I also took a picture of the pale spiky leafed one at a national trust garden last week...don't know its name either but it is a beautiful plant both in the flesh and to photograph!(so no prize for me then!!!!!)
Congratulations on 100!

Cowboys and Custard said...

What a fab idea for a competition... just the kind I like!
Now I am going to put my money on
a. Lamium Album~Deadnettle
b. Cranesbill/Geranium
c. Sedum~Ice Plant
d.Echinops~ Globe Thistle
e.Fragaria Virginiane~Common Strawberry
f.This one is tricky. It could be either
Stachys~Lambs Ears Or Centaura montana~Cornflower/Knapweed.
I am going for Knapweed.. still not sure!

What a wonderful way to celebrate 100 informative, attractive and v interesting garden posts.. thank you Louise and congratulations!


ginny said...

Congratulations on 100 posts.
This is great fun. Not sure about the first one... a guess
a) lemon balm
b)geranium .. Have loads of these in my garden.
d)echinops/ globe thistle
e) alpine strawberry
f) lambs ears/stachys byzantina ( very tactile)
Happy gardening!
ginny x

VP said...

Hi Louise,

I've now cogitated and come up with the following answers:
a) Lamium maculatum aka deadnettle
b) Geranium of the Cranesbill variety
c) Sedum spectabile - looks very much like how my 'Autumn Joy' looks at the moment
d) Echinops
e) Strawberry - can't tell if its alpine or not
f) Stachys byzantina - lovely furry lambs ears

All lovely fresh green growth for this time of year.

Anonymous said...

I shan't be able to guess, Louise, but congratulations on your 100 posts!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I can't guess on most of those but congratulations on 100 posts and its a lovely birds - the winner will be a very lucky person!

Anonymous said...

I'll pass on this one. :o) Is Doc leaf there? :o)
Congrats on 100 posts!
I do like the bird though!

Levin said...

ok i don't really know what any of the plants are, but they have gorgeous foliage!

Lavinia said...

Oh dear, I'm stumped. I can't name any of them ....but I think the last looks a bit like sage, and the one above it...possibly mint, but I think mint leaves are narrower and pointier. Oh well, I guess I have no hope of entering or winning this contest, but I like this idea and that prize is very nice.


Lavinia said...

Hi Louise, just popped over to see how the contest is going.......

I still can't identify your plants!


Rhondi said...

Hi Louise
My guessses are:
a)lamium b)anemone c)sedum d)?
e) lamb's ears/stachys
d) looks familiar but I can't place it

Rhondi said...

Oops! LOL I left one out! e) is strawberry and f) is lamb's ears/stachys.
Rhondi :)

Anonymous said...

What a great competition, I'll get my thinking cap on! Congrats on the 100th garden post. I love to look at all your lovely plants.
Sara from farmingfriends

Gina said...

Congratulations Louise! I've finally gotten around to subscribing to your garden I won't miss a post!
Here are my guesses:
a - is known as aluminium plant here
b - geranium
c - sedum
d - thistle
e - strawberry
f - lambs ear
A lovely array of foliage - I have all in my garden except d..
Love the dandelion pic in your side bar btw Gxx

Anonymous said...

Oh golly golly! You are asking the wrong girl! I never hardly ever know the names of my plants and when i do . . . i forget!
A. Heck if i know, but i have it in my garden and love it!
B.Umm, is she a True Geranium? Yes i think so.
C. I would say, Sedem, or is it Sedum!
D. H m m m, she sure looks healthy.
E. Easy one! Strawberry!
F. Lambs Ear!

Okay that was fun. Now everyone to your gardens!

(((hugs))) Becky

Nursery said...

Oh My I think I know!
Garanium Maculatum
Wild Strawberry
Lambs Ear