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Today the weather is a welcome improvement on yesterday, a mixture of sunshine, blue sky and marshmallow clouds, intermittently being overcast by huge threatening black clouds bringing with them sleet/hailstone showers. I took the photo of the fiery red growth on this Pieris 'forest flame' this afternoon whilst the sun was still out.

An evergreen shrub which I have growing in a pot, placed in partial shade. It likes an acid PH and has white flowers in Spring.

The photo below was taken yesterday, and look at the depth of snow on the bench. Now we don't often see this!


Wienerm├Ądel + Co said...

Flowers and snow - we know it very well in the area we have our garden!

Anonymous said...

Such a warm, vibrant colour! xx

BumbleVee said...

the red growth looks like the flower... it is beautiful! especially with the snow.... Christmas-y

Anonymous said...

Louise, that is quite a shot! I love the contrast between the brightness of your pieris and then... snow!

Anonymous said...

Snow? Oh my goodness! Time to stay indoors and bake something good to eat!

I just dropped by to say hello
and to let you know there is a
little contest going on at My Serentity Garden
If you’d like to join in.


This is my first visit to your blog which I have really enjoyed. Your photographs are wonderful!


Levin said...

This is a gorgeous plant. It probably wouldn't survive over here though - pity - I love the colour.

Candytuft Corner said...

What a lovely blog Louise ~ I haven't visited this one before.

Marie x

Suburbia said...

I enjoy visiting your blog, its like having a walk around a lovely garden, and warmer right now!

Elizabeth said...

Not sure what to make of this.
was the snow very unexpected?
As regards people having their photos taken in Morocco - some love it.
but many are very private and don't like it.
All best wishes

Lynn said...

Beautiful flowers. They remind me of fuschias. Will this weather you're having ruin all that's been blooming?
Some years I lose all my lilac to frost.

Joanna said...

I had that shrub it was kind of in the middle of the lawn and needs to be moved. I could of killed it by chopping it back too much, which is rather a shame, it has such pretty colour leaves

Erica-Jane said...

Thank-you so much for your wise words on my blog :0)
I knew that deep down, and am now focusing on what I love best, writing and illustrating for children.
Me and munchkin had a wonderful day centre to buy pansies, then Hobbycraft to buy gouache and acrylic paints!

Thanks again Louise :0)


Anonymous said...

Hi, the poor Pieris under all that snow! I really had to feel sorry for all the plants when it was so freezing.
Margaret and Noreen

Rhondi said...

Hi Louise
When we lived in Canada we would often get a surprise snowfall in April. Looks like you had a good one. I just realized you have 2 blogs! LOL It is rainy today so I am not inthe garden after all. I'm working on a quilt which is just as much fun.
I love the color of the Pieris.
Rhondi xo

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful vibrant pink Louise! Very nice.
Marshmallow clouds! A perfect image maker! x

Carol said...

One of my favorites too.

Naturegirl said...

Love the image of the snow bench but SNOW!!!! I cannot relate being here in the world of sunshine and heat! sunkissed in Arizona NG

cd&m said...

It looks wonderful, unfortunately we can't grown acid lovers such as this, except in pots of course but then they have to be watered and unfortunately I sometimes forget with dire results.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shrub and I like the snowy photo. Sara from farmingfriends