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I would like to show you the photos of plants growing on chalk downland soil, taken on my outing to Highdown Gardens in Worthing, which is open to the general public free of charge (although donations are very welcome). Above the most blousy tree peony I have ever seen.

Highdown Gardens is one of the least known about gardens in the area, but it is one that offers a unique collection of rare plants and trees. The views from the gardens are beautiful and include the sea and the South Downs. Above is a very pretty herbaceous peony.

The garden looks its best in spring and early summer when there is a colourful succession. A lovely yellow peony this time.

The whole garden has been deemed a National collection. Above a vivid orange rhododendron.

A beautiful purple bearded iris. The garden was created during a period when many expeditions were going out to China and the Himalayan regions collecting rare and beautiful plants.

Volunteers meet once a month on a Friday morning to assist with a variety of light conservation work within the gardens. They are always on the lookout for new helpers. The pink cherry blossom above was hanging in clumps from the branches.

The beautiful handkerchief tree (also known as the dove or ghost tree) with white bracts which hang down and flutter in the breeze. Discovered growing in China in the 1860s by the French explorer Pere Armand David. This tree first flowered in England in 1906.

This is the most amazing tree and I would very much like it in my garden.


Simone said...

The handkerchief tree looks fab! I have never seen anything like it.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Yummy photos Louise.. The colours are so vibrant and you have very cleverly featured some of my favourite plants.
The handkerchief tree is an absolute favourite of mine and I have asked for one to be planted in my absence... There is no finer tree..

So glad you had a good old chin wag and beautiful day out!


ginny said...

what an amazing place. we are all flowers at the moment aren't we? Peonies are so pretty. I have a deep red one just come out. I do wish the blooms would last longer though as the wind often gets them in my garden. Lovely tree...have you got room for it?
love ginny x

Anonymous said...

Louise, these are fabulous! I am so glad you got to see some of these beauties - national treasures indeed! My peony blooms (all six of them) have come and gone, but I have hopes for next season.

méri said...

You have beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos, Louise!!!

(have you more blogs??? This is the third I read today... and i have lots of things to do, so

Sal said...

Gorgeous photos Louise. Wish I was nearer to visit. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love peonies, they are so gorgeous!

Such lovely flower photos.

Bumpkin Hill said...

gorgeous photos, gosh I would love to be a volunteer in a garden like that, just wish I lived nearby! Thanks for sharing,Catherine x

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely photos, lovely flowers!

Lavinia said...

Every photo is so beautiful...I especially like the orange rhododendrons and the handkerchief unique and so aptly named.

The volunteers must have so much fun helping out. Did you take any photos of the sea view? I would definitely like to see those...

Carol said...

Gosh Louise, I have never actually seen the flower on the handerchief tree! it looks quiet large. What a beautiful tree it is. Lovey photos.
When my offspring were very young I found my passion for gardening, I did not have any spare money so could not buy anything! but I did have some lovely gardening books and read them over and over again deciding what plants I loved most and made endless lists of what I would buy one day. Without realising I learned the names of very many plants back then. So I can rattle off most of the names and sound like I really know my plants.....great fun!
Carol x

Heather said...

I like the picture of those pink flowers. It sounds like a beautiful garden.

Suburbia said...

Such beautiful flowers. I would love to visit sometime!

Barbara said...

Beautiful photos, looks like a great place to visit. I like the handkerchief tree, I have never heard of one before.

Rhondi said...

Hi Louise
That handkerchief tree is fabulous. I've never seen one before. ALl the photos of the flowers ae beautiful. There's nothing like an English garden in the spring. The color green is like nowhere else.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs, Rhondi

Katherine said...

Beautiful photos, Louise! The handkerchief tree is truly amazing... how large are the white bracts?

Anonymous said...

Wow Louise these are some beautiful photograohs and it's a very interesting read. Especially for someone like me who really doesn't have the first idea about planty things and flowers. :o)

walter and me said...

Gorgeous photos...especially love the bearded iris, such intense colour.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Wow! What beautiful flowers!
That orange rhododendron is a show-stopper...really pretty.

I'm heading out to buy my annuals this morning. I'm dreadfully late getting them in this year.

Thanks for the floral inspiration!
Kimberly :)

VP said...

Wow - all that and for free, unbelievable!

Thanks for the comments over at my place. I've wanted to link to your Ood parsnip for ages. It still makes me laugh even now :D

Have a great weekend and see you soon x

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wonderful photos! What a coincidence, I have never heard of dove tree or handkerchief tree as you call, I saw of photo of one in magazine earlier today and now I see one on your blog.

Little Blue Violet said...

tht is so unreal looking! how awesome