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Do you always wear gardening gloves when working in the garden? That was the question I asked in the April poll. It turns out ten of you do, and thirty-five of you don't.

There is no doubt that gloves are a necessary piece of gardening apparel, but most of the time I don't wear them for general gardening, which shows on my hands, dirty fingernails and rough skin, and have to buy handcream by the gallon! The gloves above were bought for me, they fit me perfectly, and I will wear them, sometime?

Subject to the contrary if the soil is very wet, I do wear the very handy latex gloves you can buy in boxes. If the soil is dry I'd much rather get my bare hands in. Of course when handling shrubs and trees with thorny prickly branches it is necessary to wear the thick leather kind of gardening gloves, otherwise hands and arms are torn to shreds, and I do keep a pair in the car for when I pay the refuse tip a visit, they come in handy when emptying out the bags.


Anonymous said...

I wore a thick pair when I dug over the plot to clear it. That was to stop me getting blisters!
I've got a couple of pairs of lightweight ones but much prefer not wearing them. xx

Tina said...

I always have delusions of wearing them the first few 'get out there' days of spring...then I dunno what happens. lol.
I don't mind getting my hands dirty and I really do like to feel what I'm doing, so the determination pretty much goes to pot soon enough.
Oh, tip - scrape your nails accross a bar of soap before you get out there and when you're done - no dirt under the nails and the soap washes away nicely. :)

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I love those "dipped" type of garden gloves.
Like you, I will also grab a pair of latex gloves, especially if I'm planting something delicate. I can be a bit of a clod when working in thick gloves. LOL

Kimberly :)

life in red shoes said...

After the winter from hell I was finally able to put a few flowers in the ground today. How fitting that I should take a break, turn on the power and find your lovely blog. I will visit often.

Sal said...

Louise I did not realise that this was also you!! Wow..a lovely blog..I love it! Sal;-)

Lavinia said...


I have gardening gloves, but only wear them if I am handling thorny plants (like my roses).

Otherwise, I love the feel of my fingers in cool soil, rich earth...

Heather said...

I needed a third choice in your poll - I almost always start out with gloves (and good intentions) but then I quickly end up taking them off to do some task and leaving them somewhere, then I forget to put them back on. ;-) I have had to accept that I will just have dirty hands and nails from about March 'til October each year.

Anonymous said...

I have a nice pair of bright pink canvas ones I wear in the garden, I could do with some waterproof ones like those though.