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I captured this beautiful comma basking in the sunshine today.

I had a day off work and spent most of the day in the garden, which was a real tonic.

By having this time to myself, has inspired me to start a new blog - a west sussex garden diary - where I shall record, in words, my sightings of flora and fauna in the garden.


daffy said...

Thats a stunning pic of the basking butterfly!
Another blog! Louise you are a super blogger!

nikkipolani said...

Gorgeous, Louise. And I know just what you mean about the day off tonic. Works wonders doesn't it? Looking forward to seeing what you see on your new blog.

Flighty said...

It sounds like you had a perfect day, and just the kind that I really like as well!
I like your new blog but just wonder why you've not doing the diary posts as part of this blog. xx

Poppy said...

Hi Louise, it sounds like you had my kind of day!
Beautiful picture!
Love Lou xxx

Sal said...

We had a yellow Brimstone and an Orange Tip, in our garden on Sunday. I was so thrilled to see what was once a common sight in the garden. At the same time,overhead we saw a Buzzard and a Hobby!
And then a rat poked its head out of our heather bed...yuck!


Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful photo of a beautiful butterfly, they are one of the few butterflies doing really well at the moment I beleive...