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Not as it may seem, the deadnettle is not related to the nettle family, but is a member of the mint family, hence it invasiveness in the borders. Even so I have found it fairly easy to pull out in areas where it is not wanted.

With its yellow-flowered angular stems and hairy non-stinging leaves, it looks lovely blending in with the fresh greens to be found in the garden at this time of year.

Many bees, bumblebees and moths are attracted to the flowers which contain nectar and pollen. I did spot a red-tailed bumble bee with its head in a flower too.

If you want to help the survival of the bee species, add it to your garden and you will discover why this plant is sometimes called Bee Nettle, a fitting name.


Angie said...

Oooh, that Deadnettle is reallly pretty. I may have to try to locate some. :)

Suburbia said...

We have loads of this in the garden as well as loads of bees. Just love the bumbles :)

Anonymous said...

I have some white nettle like this and a very pretty pinkish one - are they relatives? The yellow is very pretty, I love your bumble bee.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

I would love to find that plant here on Long Island. We are having trouble with the honey bee population all over the US. Anything I could do to help them survive well, I would do. I worry about the Holly trees and other berry and fruit shrubs and trees. We need more bees.

life in red shoes said...

I rather enjoy some of my invasive friends, they fill in the blanks.

elaine said...

Beeautiful! That is so cute. xox

June said...

I was so happy to have you visit my blog. I am enjoying all the lovely photos on yours. These images are so pretty. I love to garden also. I just can't wait for warmer weather so I can get out there and see green stuff. It's so nice to meet you. June

Glo said...

Ahha! Now I know what it is called! Thanks :)

Heather said...

I have some of that too. I got it from my folks' house when they moved. It has made itself quite at home in my yard and has spread around quickly. I was just pulling some of it out the other day and thinking to myself that in my next garden I would be quite choosy as to where I planted it.
;-) I didn't know that it was called Bee Nettle too.

farmingfriends said...

Hi Louise, I haven't seen the yellow deadnettle. I have the red deadnettle and white deadnettle in my garden.
Hope you are well.
Kind regards
Sara from farmingfriend

Simone said...

I love the Bumblebee photo! He looks like you could stroke him!