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A year or so back I acquired some very sorry looking Auriculas from my step-dad, in need of tender loving care. I decided what was best for them was to pot up in small plastic pots and to allow them whatever time necessary to rejuvinate.

Having always planted Auriculas into terracotta pots, I decided that once healthy I would plant these ones straight out into the garden. So that's what I did and they have been a great success.

Often there is a covering of white powder on the leaves of an Auricula, and in Auricula circles this is called 'meal'. The flower can have a circle of 'meal' on their faces too.

Have you any terracotta pot casualties after last winter's heavy rainfall and frosts? How about placing a broken pot at the foot of a plant giving the illusion of the flower sprawling out?

I have more than enough crocks and by using much loved, if not broken, old terracotta pots in this way, I can continue getting use out of them for a good few years to come, hopefully!


Christy said...

It looks beautiful! Thanks for the broken terracotta tip. It's a genius idea!

Suzanne said...

You have saved it so beautifully, its such a lovely colour are they always the same colour.

Poppy said...

Beautiful pictures Louise!
I am so far behind in my planting my seeds, I think this year is the worst I have ever been so you are not alone.
I suppose I best get too work, have a lovely week!
Love Lou xxx

Renaissance said...

Lovely and a great idea with the pots. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my new blog it is very much appreciated.


I have several broken pots this year from the heavy frosts we had. I love your creative use for them. I have never heard of an Aracula before - it is quite lovely.


Simone said...

That is a good use for the terracotta pot Louise. I have quite a few broken pots that cracked in the frost! The Auricula is a lovely looking plant. I think they would make a lovely addition to my garden.

Flighty said...

I'm not that keen on these flowers as I feel that they look rather artificial! xx

Suburbia said...

Some of my favourite flowers (though I think I may say that a lot!) Some have a lovely delicate scent don't they?

Sal said...

Yes,I had a few terracotta pot casualties this year! I just use them as crocks for drainage or reuse them, if the damage is not too bad.
I love old fashioned!

Unknown said...

I've just acquired my first 5 auricula's can't wait for spring!! Mind you I can find another 20 or 30 I like ... any idea what to do with 500 Cacti!!

Anonymous said...

i'm enjoying reading your blog and there is something about primrose that just makes me grin. beautiful photos!