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The other morning after a heavy downpour I didn't see it, but I certainly heard a toad in the damp undergrowth.

The photo above was taken back in July when I inadvertently disturbed this rather grumpy looking warty one, which was nestling right in the middle of the Giant Scabious which I was giving a cutback.

I can't help but think its skin reminds me of a well-toasted pitta bread!

Toads spend much of the year on dry land, so I hope it managed to find another safe place to shelter in the garden, with a rich foodsource, ie slugs, insects and worms.

Did you see the tumbling Venezuelan Pebble Toad on the BBC programme Life. Click here if you didn't, but we warned the clip also contains a toad-eating tarantula!

It's amazing, and really quite amusing, and remarkably no toad was hurt in the making of the film!



life in red shoes said...

Congratulations Louise, you are the winner!
Send me your address, I'll put your package in the mail!
Thank you for your heartfelt comment, we will continue the fight.

Unknown said...

i think the toad is just darling, i used to catch little frogs when i was a kid! have a great day!

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

My, he IS a grumpy looking fellow! No wonder toads always got the less than stellar roles in fairy tales!

Flighty said...

There's something about toads isn't there! xx

Suz said...

I found you through Life in Red happy I did. We are kindred souls.
I have a toad that lives in my garden too.
Right now I'm finishing an Agatha Raisin Mystery...I'll be thinking of you...First place I saw the word allotment used that way...funny how we use words differently in different places
I truly look forward to returning

Suburbia said...

Isn't he gorgeous?!

Simone said...

I will never be able to look at Pitta bread in the same way again!!!x

ginny farquhar said...

amazing photo of mr warty toad!