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... just how blue, Salvia looks at this time of year.



periwinkle said...


Flighty said...

Lovely colour! That's because the air quality at this time is so much better! xx

ginny farquhar said...

wow it looks amazing against the green x

Simone said...

Beautiful and velvety.x

ginny farquhar said...

hi Louise, have won a morsbag in my giveaway at sweetmyrtle.
love ginny x

georgia b. said...

something else we don't have in the states -- at least not that i know of. what a beautiful shade -- it looks purple to me, but then again, i have a very old monitor that is probably not very color accurate. still lovely.

Suburbia said...

Such a beautiful blue too. And I've seen more ladybirds this last week than I've seen all summer!

Candytuft Corner said...

Hi Louise,

I love the blue salvia ~ what a beautiful colour.

Please go ahead and use that quotation ~ it is something that I read and it really struck a chord ~ we tend to forget what is important in life.

Have a wonderful week.

Marie x