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In the main, the colours of Autumn are red and brown.

Here are some photos on the red/brown theme which I took yesterday.

I believe this to be a Harvestman? Looks like a spider, but not a spider at all.

Only if you like spiders, click here to see some great photos.

A Garden Snail mulch, a tip picked up from Michelle at Veg Plotting.

My garden is full of snails, so I have no problem in collecting vacated shells.

A seedhead of Iris Pseudocorus, the yellow flag iris.

I love these!

I usually bags a few whenever we go for walks along the beach. Only ones with holes!

Evergreen and deciduous leaves.

I've noticed wasps foraging amongst these.

More pebbles, mementos from holidays and days out.

Bird seed.

Don't forget today is RSPB Feed The Birds Day, tomorrow is as well. Infact, why not feed them every day!

The birds in my garden enjoy fatballs and mixed seed, but on the whole ignore peanuts!

I know for some of us the clocks go back tonight, but if you've the time, you could read my other post from yesterday.



Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm! I can smell the rain in the air and feel the chill through these thoughtful photos of yours.

Flighty said...

I like the way you've done a slightly different take on autumn colours! xx

Suburbia said...

Lovely photos, so unusual especially the seeds. :)

ginny said...

fabulous photos louise... and thanks for the clocks reminder... we often forget!
happy weekend!
love ginny x

Glo said...

Hi Louise ~ Lovely, lovely heart rocks ~ and a most enjoyable autumn post with terrific photos :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

what beautiful photos, specially the iris seedhead. I love your slightly different take on autumn's palette....

You're right about the harvestman, though the feminist in me is always tempted to call them harvest spiders....