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You really couldn't have asked for better weather over the past week for gardening.

It's been bloomin' gorgeous!

I've spotted my first Painted Lady of the year.

If something does well, I use repetition, rather in the style of a Cottage Garden.
At the end of flowering seedheads were left on Japanese Anemone plants, and they've rewarded me with lots of little plantlets.

I've potted up ten new plants, and will leave their roots to establish. They will be planted out either this Autumn or next Spring.

This variety has a lovely pale pink flower.
This spider's not backward in coming forward in making the most of this lovely sunshine. Behind the rock is Sedum.
Big hedges surround most of the garden, ideal for nesting sites.
Having spent a lot more time outside this week I've noticed a fair amount of Blackbird activity, with male and female both busy in and out of the nest.
This saucer of sultanas will help build up their energy. That's if the starlings don't get to them first!
Simone from Linden Grove came up with the idea of a Tuesday Garden Rake. Pop over to her blog to find out how to join in.


Lesley Todd said...

Brilliant photo of the butterfly. It must have been tricky to take without it fluttering away.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful butterfly picture! A few days of good weather really does make such a different both for us and the wildlife. Flighty xx

life in red shoes said...

I love painted ladies, every year our kindergarten class watches the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, and then we have a ceremony and let them go!

Glo said...

We, also, are enjoying lovely weather and it just seems to bring spring right up front and centre ~ what a great close-up photo!

Lori at Jarvis House said...

I am happy that Spring is finally here. The incredible amount of rain that we have had here on Long Island had made everything grow that much faster. I trimmed my hydrangeas, even the oak leaf ones, and just stuck the clippings into the soil. It was so wet that they have taken and are sprouting new growth! Who knew? Try this where you are and let me know if it works for you.

Simone said...

Thank you for the mention Louise! Your butterfly photo is stunning! How lucky you were with finding new little plantlets to pot up. I am looking forward to seeing your Tuesday garden rakes! x

Crafty Green Poet said...

I've not seen a Painted Lady yet this year, a few peacocks and a small tortoiseshell though..... my parents put out sultanas for the blackbirds too...