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Well it's been another glorious week of sunshine, with the occasional dose of cloud here and there.

I finally got round to sowing some seeds.

Flowers - Calendula, Nasturtium, Sunflower, Morning Glory, Venidium and Cosmos.

Vegetables - Summer Squash, Runner Beans, Beetroot and Tomatoes.

Bees really love to get their noses into Lamium, otherwise known as Deadnettle.

My garden is full of many different varieties of bee at the moment, including a small dark black one who has set up home in our hose reel!

Lamium makes great ground cover, either in sun or semi-shade.

Over the years my Dad has given me lots of clumps of Cowslips.

I've had no success with it when planted straight into the borders, so not wanting to see another one just disappear, I planted the latest one in a medium sized terracotta pot.

It looks lovely in the sunshine, on a South facing wall.

Have you noticed how lush the garden looks at this time of year, with so many vibrant shades of green?

The Euphorbia above is one of my favourites in Spring, with its zingy lime-green bracts. Another plant given to me.

Be careful when handling all parts of the Euphorbia plant, the sap is highly toxic and an irritant to the skin and eye.

Will happily multiply in sun or shade.

The Lily of the Valley in my garden, is another plant which originated from my Dad's garden. You'd think I never bought any plants!

Planted in a damp position, it looks as if it will be another rampant spreader!

My Mum loved Lily of the Valley, its flowers and scent always remind me of her.

I've noticed a lot of wildlife this week, including this neighbourhood cat which visits my garden from time to time. It's got a very dappled grey coat!

Butterflies include the Small White and Holly Blue, also lots of Hoverflies and Mosquitoes.

This loved-up pair of Woodpigeons are around much of the time.

And well off-course, we had a couple of ducks waddling across our drive the other morning!



Suburbia said...

Beautiful cat, beautiful cowslips, my grannies favourite, but I love that fist colourful shot :)

life in red shoes said...

Beautiful! I am so glad that you are enjoying good snowed in my little corner today:(

Please send sunshine!

JCelestial said...

The legend of the lily of the valley is that it sprang from Eve's tears when she was kicked out of the Garden of Eden. It is also believed that this flower protects gardens from evil spirits.

sheila said...

Love that cat shot!

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely post, what a pretty cat, I hope its not disturbing the birds though!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Hello Louise

I can't remember if I have already popped over to say thanks for your comment on my blog - so thank you if I haven't!

Your blog is an absolute delight. To make sure I don't miss anything I'm going to add you to to my blog list if that's OK?

Wonderful bumble-bee!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely, busy post, and some terrific photos!
I've sown most of my vegetable seeds for a while and I'll now be sowing lots of flower seeds.
Happy gardening, Flighty! xx

Simone said...

A lovely post Louise. What a handsome cat visitor you have! The garden is getting rather lush now. I love all the different shades of green.x

Poppy said...

The garden is looking lovely Louise...I love lily of the valley!
I have got lots to do in my garden; I hope to get out there tomorrow...rain or shine.

Have a lovely weekend love Lou xxx

Lori at Jarvis House said...

You made even clothes pins look artful! I love the greens and early leafing plants. Spring is wonderful and refreshing. Lovely post.

Glo said...

Bright and sunny photos :) It's lovely to know that we share many similar flowers. I have lily of the valley popping up as well. I remember as a child walking through English fields and seeing cowslips ~ thanks for the memory :) Great shot of the bee, too. I hope the good weather continues - we have sun most days, with some showers mixed in. Perfect for spring growth.

periwinkle said...

note to self - must plant sunflower seeds :-), love your garden and that bee pic is just great

harmony and rosie said...

Thank you for popping by to say hello. I do love the colours in your post and am very impressed that you've been planting all those seeds. We've been weeding furiously and turning over our new veggie patch in preparation. Can't wait to get going! So pleased you've got plenty of bees!