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Lesser Celandine, a native wildflower or a weed?

Whatever, it spreads like wildfire in my garden!

Looking less intense on a bank in semi-shade, this native wildflower mingles well with the Deadnettle plant, both having complementing white blotch marks on their leaves.

Looking more intense on a rockery in full sun, this weed will put itself right where you don't want it!


walter and me said...

I think celandines always look so happy and cheerful. My local (and favourite!) woods are sprinkled with them at the moment. Hope you've had a lovely weekend, the weather has been glorious down here!

nikkipolani said...

One woman's weed is another woman's rare plant ;-) How nice that something this pretty is growing well for you!

Sal said...

I have a huge patch of these right by my greenhouse. They really brighten up the garden! ;-)

Selfsewn said...

hi there isnt it nice to be back in the garden?

I have lots of this plant too, I guess at this time of year it must be useful to insects, so live and let live!

Clare x

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely weed! Flighty xx