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I found a dead female Blackbird in my garden today.


It's now in the dustbin, carefully wrapped up in newspaper.

It's upsetting.

It's just nature's way.



Crafty Green Poet said...

it's always so upsetting to find dead birds... but as you say its part of nature...

beautiful photo of the robin

Glo said...

Aww, poor bird ~ it is upsetting finding such things, but you have put it safely away out of the way of any more damage. The little robin photo is sweet :)

ahomespunyear said...

That's a very brave's so upsetting when cats do what comes naturally. Our neighbours' two moggies both wear a bell on their collar...does it help,do you think?

Suburbia said...

Sad, especially when it's not even needed for food!

Brave robin!

Simone said...

It is sad and it is natures way. Some birds eat other birds don't they? and big fish eat smaller fish. One of the hens I used to have once ate a frog!!! I saw its legs dangling from her beak!!! x

Anonymous said...

My mum always told the cats to leave the birds alone and go after the rats but they never listened! xx

Esther Montgomery said...

A nobler end than it would have got here. Dead rats, birds, mice - all end up in my big, black compost bin.


Anonymous said...

I know it's just nature doing her thing but I have to say this is why I am not a cat lover. That and the fact that the neighbours' cats use my front lawn as a toilet... I think I'll end up as a mad cat chasing old lady in future years lol!!

Thank you for stopping over on my blog. I love gardening so this blog will definitely be one I shall read! :0)

life in red shoes said...

Sometimes I find a pile of feathers in my yard and feel sad too:(
Love the pic of the birdie on the cat though!

elaine said...