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I've been left feeling rather deflated after Friday night's Gardener's World - not sure why, I've been eagerly awaiting the return of Monty Don to the show for weeks.

Toby Buckland, Alys Fowler and Greenacre are no more, and the programme is now being filmed from Monty's own garden in Herefordshire.

It may be because having spent many hours thumbing through the pages, and drooling over the beautiful colour plates in his books The Jewel Garden and The Ivington Diaries, I'm already too familiar with the garden?

Having loved the garden at Berryfields, and being a big fan of Monty Don's approach to gardening, I'm sure to feel different once the season gets underway.

It's early days.

I'd be interested to know your thoughts?

I spent an hour or so this afternoon working on my Spring border - splitting Snowdrops in the green, and planting Honesty, plants grown from seed by my Dad.

Purple Honesty thrives in his garden of chalky soil, but up until now I haven't had much luck with this plant in my rich loamy soil.

It's Latin name is Lunaria, deriving from the moon because of its round and silvery looking seedpod.

This morning we had drizzle and light rain showers - it's been quite dull with short spells of sunshine breaking through this afternoon.

The beautiful lime-green Corsican Hellebore has enjoyed a good soaking.

The Spring border is on a bank which faces North, and sits opposite our workshop wall - it's not in complete shade, and gets morning sun from the East and evening sun from the West.

First to appear are Snowdrops, followed by Primula vulgaris, Hellebores and Euphorbia - I may be tempted to introduce some Crocus next year?

I'm not a fan of bulbs in borders, there's too much danger when digging in for other plants with a trowel.

So as not to disturb the Snowdrop bulbs, I surround each clump with chunky bark pieces, which also adds a more woodland feel to the area.

Whilst working, this lone Sparrow sat above - of course as soon as I came back inside the whole group (host) decide to come out of the hedgerow.

A bit nervous, or camera shy perhaps!

I could also hear a loud hum of Buff Tail Bumblebees - both on the Winter Clematis and on the bank, where they are happy to nest underground.

The Forsythia is not the only yellow shrub in Spring in my garden - there's Mahonia Japonica and Winter Jasmine which has just about gone over now.

I have two large clumps of drumstick Primula in pots coming into bud, and miniature Daffodils planted along the wall edge - though I notice many this year are coming up blind.

There's colour appearing on the rockery too.
This tiny flowered white plant is pretty rampant, and if allowed will quite happily spread a mossy blanket of green across the whole area.
Soon purple Aubrietia will be in full bloom, amongst self-seeded(!) yellow Celandine.

I'm finding myself starting to like these out of focus colour blur pics!

All nature seems at work, slugs leave their lair,
The bees are stirring, birds are on the wing,
And Winter, slumbering in the open air,
Wears on his smiling face a dream of Spring!
In Springtime - by S T Coleridge



Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely to see spring arriving isn't it?

Mag said...

Monty Don's garden is close to perfection, which I find a little deflating! Nevertheless, I shall enjoy the little peeks inside.

Your own garden sounds delightful!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Your spring garden sounds lovely Louise. I can almost picture myself there from your description.

Like you I have soaked up the images from Monty's Ivington Diaries but I also enjoyed his first tentative steps in the new GW on Friday. I think the new show will develop along with the seasons and the formality of his garden layout has inspired me.

It was good to see the lovely CK too.


ahomespunyear said...

Such gorgeous photos of your spring pretty. I think spring bulbs are anticipated more than anything else in the garden after what feels like a long winter.

I'm looking forward to watching Gardener's World now that Monty Don is back on. And I like that it's from his own garden...feels much more real now.

Glo said...

Lovely blog post and pleased to know you've been out in the garden digging and sorting. Nice touch at the end with the Spring poem :)

Simone said...

I have recorded Gardeners World and not watched it yet. Alys Fowler 'grew' on me after she had her own series which I enjoyed very much. I still miss the days of Geoff Hamilton and even Alan Titchmarsh! I've done nothing in the garden yet. I haven't even sown a tomato seed!!! x

Anonymous said...

Lovely post and photos! Flighty xx

periwinkle said...

I'm going to try and catch up with GW on the iplayer tonight. I never really noticed Hellebores before but I read an article in CL about Bradfield Hellebores and these are gorgeous. It probably caught my eye as Bradfield was my maiden name and I thought they would make a good anniversary present for my parents . I did get a shock when I saw the price of them though!

RSA Online said...

I just love springtime! Forsythia always brightens up a garden doesn't it?

Suburbia said...

Helebores, my favourite! Can't wait to move house and have some garden to plant in!

Selfsewn said...

Hi Louise!

I never really liked Monty first time round, but I have to say after the awful toby alys rubbish I love him!

I know people say he has no horticultural background, but I love his enthusiasm and its obvious he garden from experience, which is far more interesting.

Give him a chance, he will grow on you!!

I've had day weeding and planting white drumstick primulas!
I wouldnt normally buy them, but I needed a bit of instant flower power!


Garden Center said...

Iv'e got to check out this Monty Don show! You mention it alot. Also, I love the vibrance of the forsythia photo you've captured. It's amazing with it's egg yolk colors.