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If your passing a Robert Dyas store, pick up a copy of this.

It's a 24-page, one-stop guide to tasty home grown crops.

As well as advertising their gardening products, inside are concise articles, hints 'n tips, recipes and money-off vouchers.

On the centrefold is a Grow Your Own pull out and keep planner showing the best times to sow, plant and harvest.

All this, and it's free!



Louise said...

sounds good but it appears all the Robert Dyas stores in in the south (I'd never heard of them until today!)

Simone said...

That looks really useful. I haven't even begun to plan what I am doing in the garden this year! x

ahomespunyear said...

I need some good advice like that. I have started to chit some potatoes...they were quite successful last year so I trying more this season.

Anonymous said...

Very handy booklet for this time of year! Flighty xx

Glo said...

What a great find! and good of you to share the news with those in your vicinity. It's always helpful to have a guide when gardening, although with this crazy winter, who can plan anything ;)

periwinkle said...

We don't get Robert Dyas up here unfortunately..

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Sounds like a useful little book Louise, not sure where my nearest Robert Dyas store is ... possibly Cambridge ... I will keep a look out.

The new series of Gardener's World with Monty Don starts on Friday - it has to be an improvement on the last series! I do like Monty Don and its filmed at his own Herefordshire garden - hurrah!


life in red shoes said...

I can't wait to play in the dirt :)

elaine said...

The blurry pic was a total surprise on your blog!!! :) I like it too. Honesty grows wild in my yard. The soil is sandy loam and it prefers the fallen oak leaves to cozy up around. I'm not sure of the ph but I know they love the rich, moist, fluffy sandiness. Many of your readers may not know they flower the second year. Then sadly they are gone but leave behind a bountiful legacy. So wonderful that your father has a bunch for you.