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This weekend the clocks go forward, and for us gardeners is the best time of the year because it means that at last the light has caught up with all our instincts to get out there and garden for as long as possible - Monty Don on Gardener's World.

How right you are Mr Don, and contrary to an earlier post I have been enjoying the gardening coming from your very large patch at Longmeadow.

I know I am going to be envious of your Dahlias come Autumn!

For well over a week now the UK has been basking in the most glorious sunshine, and today has been no exception and an excellent day for making a start on seed sowing - Beetroot, Tomato, Sweet Pea, Nasturtium, Calendula, and Morning Glory.

The seeds I ordered from Thompson and Morgan arrived yesterday, just in time for the weekend - Runner Bean Lady Di, Beetroot Kestrel, Tomato Vilma, Nasturtium climbing mixed and Patty Pan mixed with Cerinthe major Purpurascens to follow.

I also cut back and tidied foliage around the garden, and potted up cuttings from Coreopsis and Scabious - a simple and cost effective way of increasing stocks of perennial plants.

I love the colours of lemon and lime together, inside and outside.

Looking positively zingy and zesty in the sunshine have been the colourful blooms of the Mahonia and bracts of the Euphorbia.

Two seven-spot Ladybirds and butterflies of all colours have been emerging into the sunshine, a Comma, Holly Blue and Small White.

Also visiting, a pair of Goldcrests and the welcome return of Greenfinches to the garden.


Simone said...

Isn't it wonderful to have the warmer weather and longer hours return? I sowed my first seeds of the year today. I am so looking forward to getting out in the garden this year. Thanks for identifying my ladybird. I was hoping it wasn't one of the alien varieties! Never mind. I think the insects and wildlife are quite balanced in my garden and hopefully it will get eaten by the chickens! x

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Hasn't it been glorious Louise. It was definitely a week for working in the garden. And the extra light in the evenings makes so much difference.

I'm enjoying Gardener's World - I love Monty Don's gentle, unfussy approach. His 'Italian Gardens' adventure will be showing soon too - look forward to that.


Anonymous said...

Lovely post and photos! Like you I'm enjoying Gardeners' World.
Lucky you seeing greenfinches and goldfinches! Flighty xx

harmony and rosie said...

What a great time of year. I haven't been watching GW but I do like Monty very much.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Good old Monty.. I am so pleased he has returned to our screens.. He is a real gardener with an genuine passion for his craft. So are you L.. and it is lovely to read about your love of plants and your interest in your garden.
I expect you are watching the plants grow each day.. like myself.. I love this time of year.. so much changes so quickly to our gardens.
Michele xx

Bumpkin Hill said...

Isn't it great that Monty has returned to G.W, I am enjoying it so much more again. Isn't Spring time just the best :) Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, now I see your lovely blog, I can see how many interests we have in common!
I am envious of your visiting goldcrest as I have rarely seen one.
Your garden and wildlife are much more forward than mine here in the north, so far I have only seen a couple of tortoiseshell butterflies this year.
I look forward to visiting you again.
Best wishes.

Online Nursery said...

I enjoy having that extra hour of gardening time as well. Here's hoping that I can get alot of extra garden chores done in time for daylight savings time end.