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There's been new visitors to the patch recently, including this fluffed-up blackbird fledgling and a young fox - one of two, who seems quite content to lie on top of empty flowerpots!

There's been new visitors and followers to my blog too, so thank you.

To mark this I'm having a giveaway!

As all you gardeners will know, Autumn is an ideal time to be adding plants to your garden, and to plan ahead for next season.

With this in mind my prize is a copy of 200 Great Perennials, a neat little book, full of expert tips, practical advice and inspiration.

No garden should be without a perennial or two, so what I'd like you to do is to name one you would recommend every garden should have.

I'm leaving the giveaway open to all who visit my blog, from the UK and overseas, and also those who haven't ever left a comment before.

I'll pick out a winner on 7th August, so please get your suggestions in as soon as you can.


Reading Tea Leaves said...

Just having a peek through at some previous posts Louise. I love your butterfly photos and the sightings on your side bar are a great idea to keep a record.

A favourite perennial - well it has to be the cottage garden favourite - the lupin - beautiful and tough as old boots!

Hope you are glimpsing some blue sky today ...


Tracy said...

just popped over from your craft blog to say Hi!
i really need that book as i can't think of any perennials but would love lots in the garden!!!i'm more of an evergreen and shrub kind of gardener.
so if thats okay can i still be entered into your giveaway to help make my garden all pretty
thanks tracy

periwinkle said...

ooo book looks great , at the minute I'm gathering all the info I can about all plants to help with my allotment so this would definately be a help xx

OhSoVintage said...

I didn't know you had this blog too. Have scrolled down and what stunning photos. I photographed a field mouse eating peanuts from our bird feeder yesterday. Goodness know how he managed to get onto it! Please include me in your giveaway.
Thanks, Ruth x

Poppy said...

Beautiful pictures Louise! I best not enter, I have so many gardening books it would be unfair. Good luck to everyone else.

I hope the sun is out...

Lou xxx

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Every garden in zone # 7 USA, should have Hostas. They come in a myriad of colors, sizes and shapes. The garden boarder can be lined with trenches of Hostas which makes mowing neat. The wheels of the tractor or mower glide just underneath the Hosta leaves and leave a clean boarder. I have stretched my Hostas each year by digging up some in the fall and extending the boarders to places that are open. Sometimes I plant a special Hosta, like “Sum and Substance”, on the end of a row for interest and color.

Suburbia said...

I'm just starting a new garden and am going to try to only plant perennials where possible.

My favourite plants are those that have a strong fragrance and so Lavender has to be top (though is it a herb or perennial? Can it be both?!)

My gardening knowledge is sketchy but I'm learning fast! So far one deep boarder planted up - huge satisfaction!

I think I would also nominate Buddleia. I managed to 'come by one' for free last weekend and have planted it with fingers crossed. I nominate it because I believe it will grow anywhere, with out much trouble and is a haven for butterflies :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! It's always good to see, and photograph, wildlife like that.
I'd choose lavender, although I must confess that I've none on the plot as yet, but will soon!
Flighty xx

Simone said...

I would also choose lavender because of its beautiful scent and structure, hardiness and low maintainance. I deinitely need more perenials in the garden then I can dig up and be rid of the awful stinky shasta daisy outside my dining room window!!! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
Your fox looks so cute, I do love them but I am torn at the moment as a fox has taken two of my lovely hens in broad daylight this week!
I absolutely love your header, it's beautiful.
I am into Veronica at the moment, it's done so well in my garden this year.x

Harriet said...

"Tickseed Coreopsis"....probably spelled wrong. Though short in statue it's long in blooms a happy little flower.

greenthumb said...

Hi I am always trying new plants to see what works in our garden.

trish said...

Rosemary! I love Rosemary, so beautiful and so many uses too!
I wanted to say thank you for the link to the big butterfly count. I love that. Shall be doing that with my girls.x
Nice giveaway!xxx

Rita M said...

Nice giveaway Louise, a book about Perennials, and beautiful pics of the new visitors to the patch.
And for me , every garden should have Phlox paniculata.

Enjoy the weekend Louise
Rita :)

Unknown said...

I'm not actually a gardener but am entering as my brother in law is and would give the prize to him.

I am going to say Stocks but I am unsure if a perennial - only that the scent is beautiful and I bought cut ones for my Nan.

Hope you'd like to enter my giveaway - also involves lovely scent! And for people going for the review panel I can add there blog image to the post.

Have a grt week,
With love Anita,
Bath Bomb Creations Blogspot.

Elaine said...

I love the dependable day lilies. The more the merrier. I'm happy seeing any of the many color variations. Louise, your blog is such a treasure. xox

Pomona said...

I adore delphiniums, but I know not everyone can grow them - foxgloves particular favourites, too. You can see I like the tall ones!

Pomona x

Twiggy said...

Mine woud have to be Cowslips. I bought a tiny plant a few years ago. It survived two very severe Winters and always looks so jolly!!
twiggy x

harmony and rosie said...

Mine are campanula persicifolia (blue) and hollyhocks, I absolutely adore them. But I love peonies too and all sorts of others as well. I bought a chocolate cosmos the other day which is lovely and really does smell of choc. I'm surprised the children haven't eaten it yet!!

Anyway, I would love to join your giveaway please.

Kate x