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There are about 6000 species and 200 genera in the family.

I get to see many varieties in my own garden, including this rather impressive one, which I believe to be Volucella zonaria!

Please let me know if you know otherwise?


Anonymous said...

I've never seen one but we have tiny looking bees.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it's been a good year for hoverflies, and I've certainly far more than I usually do! Flighty xx

elaine said...

The garden has been full of hoverflies this year which is no bad thing

trish said...

How funny, I just scheduled a post for tomorrow with a little bit about hoverflies. Aren't they wonderful!xxx

nikkipolani said...

So cute, Louise. Is that cerinthe that it's on?

Jenny said...

This is such a beautiful blog. Glad I found your garden! xo Jenny