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Beautiful Anchusa with its gentian-blue flowers.

It's a hardy perennial, mainly upright with an annoying tendency to flop!

It's still one of my favourites, and over a long flowering period it keeps the bees and hoverflies happy too.

It's the last day to get your Big Butterfly Count in.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute, I entered my findings today!

2 x Large White
3 x Small White
1 x Red Admiral
3 x Gatekeeper
1 x Common Blue
1 x Peacock
1 x Comma

That's what I noted down from my own garden, over a 15 minute period.

Has anyone spotted a Painted Lady this year?

Thanks to all for entering into my giveaway, commenting on a favourite perennial of yours.

With names scribbled on paper, scrumpled into tiny balls, I picked out a winner.

Tales from a Cottage Garden

Congratulations, it's you!

A favourite perennial - well it has to be the cottage garden favourite - the lupin - beautiful and tough as old boots!

Couldn't agree more Jeanne!


trish said...

Wow, all we spotted in 15 mins was
x1 Peacock
x2 Large white
Next year I plan to improve on the flowers in our garden!

Anonymous said...

I did it several times and my best count was only a couple each Large Whites and Gatekeepers.
I've not seen any Painted Ladies or seen any reports of them this year!
Flighty xx

greenthumb said...

Very pretty photos. Can't wait till summer comes our way, so the butterflies come.I'm see more each year.

Candytuft Corner said...

Congratulations to the winner. I love your photographs Louise. You have an impressive butterly count too.

Marie x