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This is my 300th post so I'm having another giveaway!

The giveaway prize will not necessarily be influenced by my love of the garden, leaving it open to everyone.

If you'd like to enter, comment on this post and I'll pick out a winner at random on Sunday 11th September.

Good luck!

This year the Sweetpeas have been very slow to flower, and slow too to even climb up the poles.

Maybe because they're Elegant Ladies, and can be seen here proudly showing themselves off with a 50p jelly-mould!

Monty Don suggests Sweetpeas are to be picked every 10 days.

I guess I should take his advice.

Big 'n blousy Gladioli.

I've never ever grown these before, so I took a chance in planting some up in large pots.

I stole the idea from Carol Klein, after seeing her do the same in her own garden at Glebe Cottage.

They're doing really well, and come as a highly recommended addition to a late Summer garden, and the good thing about having them in pots is you can move them around when you so desire.

It seems the odd spike may become a little top-heavy, like the one above which flopped over in today's blustery conditions.

I snipped it off, and it's now looking drop-dead gorgeous indoors!

Another new discovery for me this year is Helenium.

It's orange colour is just perfect at this time of year.

I definitely plan to introduce more to my garden next year, and hopefully divide this one if it gets through the Winter?

Dahlia, an old favourite of mine, especially the dark-leaved varieties.

I confess to having bought five new young plants this year.

I'm by no means an expert gardener, and all becomes hit 'n miss when it comes to overwintering them.

This year I made the mistake of placing a couple out in the borders, later discovering I'd inadvertently given the resident earwigs the go-ahead for a good nibble - also all five were sprayed with a washing-up liquid solution to rid an infestation of blackfly.

All were rescued in the nick of time and somehow all managed to survive their ordeal, and each in turn are giving a lively display of colour.

Another plant now an array of flowers is the Japanese Anemone.

You'd be forgiven for thinking its pastel tones would fail to fit in with the bolder shades of late Summer.

I've small pockets of space around the garden to grow a small selection of vegetables.

Today I've picked a generous trug full of Runner Beans and another 1lb in weight of Raspberries.

No sign of any Summer Squash as yet, and the Tomatoes are slow to ripen.

I watched that Blackbird in the photo be such a good father to his broods this year, and have helped him out with a few sultanas here and there!

I've seen, and heard the foxes again on a number of occasions.

The neighbour's terrier lets me know when he and his sibling are around.

It goes ballistic!


trish said...

Beautiful flowers. Wow, that gladioli is amazing!
I love Carol Klein!
Blessings to you.

elaine said...

Its been a funny old year hasn't it, I have had successes and failures in both the veg and flowers, and think the mixed up weather hasn't helped. But you have done very well with your flowers from the look of it - to my shame I have never tried to grow gladioli, they say there's no fool like an old fool. I will give them a go next year if they turn out as lovely as yours I will be dead chuffed.

BernieH said...

I've never been tempted to grow Glads, but 'Big 'n Blousy' could change my mind. It's just gorgeous. What a colour! I think I'll have to try and find some Dahlias with that brilliant dark foliage too. Loved all the flowers on show today. Does that fox do much damage? I have a little trouble with wallabies here. Trying to keep them out of my newly planted bed is proving to be difficult.

Jenny said...

These are beautiful photos of your garden. Really nice. xo Jenny

Harriet said...

Several years ago, I planted a Japanese Aneome and waited for it to bloom. It did but I wasn't overly thrilled. So, I pulled it this year and naturally there is another growing. I'll watch it maybe I will change my mind. Love your flowers.

Rosemary said...

I love the shades of the flowers at this time of year - deep pinks and purples, but also the vibrant daisies. My sweetpeas are behaving in a funny way some are way up the tripod, and others still look like fairly new plants, but the colours and the smell.........just gorgeous. Your photos are beautiful.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Lovely post Louise. I do like the deep purple of that gladioli.

I have been picking my sweetpeas every 10 days since Monty D's recommendation and it does seem to work. I'm getting more blooms than ever!


btw congrats on your 300th post!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, and photos. Well done on having done 300, and here's to the next 300!
I grow gladioli on the plot and will feature them when I do my 'G is for...' post.
I pick some sweetpeas every time I'm on the plot which is every few days.
I've not seen my blackbirds or foxes lately! Flighty xx

trish said...

Me again. I awarded you the versatile blogger award. Hope you don't mind. You don't have to accept it of course. Hope you do. Much love.

Glo said...

Congratulations on such an achievement! Your photos are just lovely, Louise. How are you doing with your August Photo Scavenger Hunt? It's amazing how quickly this summer is moving along.

I can imagine that the terriers are good fox watchers!

Simone said...

Your garden is looking great Louise. My elegant ladies are just coming into flower now after I moved them to a sunnier spot in the garden. Congratulations on your 300 post! x

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Loving the beautiful flower photos! We hope to start a veggie garden this fall.

Bumpkin Hill said...

How I love all your flowers, those helenium are special! I saw a hedgehog in my garden the other day! Hope you are well, Hugs, Catherine x

Christy said...

Happy 300th post Louise! Your garden is a little piece of heaven on earth. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow 300 posts!! I've only just started I think I'm on post 18 so some way to go but really enjoying chatting to so many people who share the same interests. I grow Heleniums to and love them. I haven't had any problems getting them through the last 2 winters here in Wales but they don't like to be moved, it does seem to take them a bit to get going. I got a new Helenium this spring and it has flowered much longer than all the rest. I'll try and find the label and let you know what variety it is .

periwinkle said...

That Gladioli is the most amazing colour wow