... I'd love this beautiful blue-stemmed Sea Holly even more if it didn't smell so bad!

Since my last edit, I've come to the conclusion this Eryngium smells unpleasant in all weathers, and is also very attractive to Greenbottles!

Click on my comments and read what Sarah F had to say on the subject, and then read my reply below.

Oh my goodness, I can't believe you've said this. Fox/cat poo is exactly what I can smell, but didn't really like to mention that on my blog! Cats and foxes use my garden as a loo too. Thanks so much for your comment, it has made me smile, and the best one I've had in ages!


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Isn't it a beauty, it's a Helenium Sahins Early Flowerer, it's really tall, and it's going to look lovely in my garden.

It's featured in this The Telegraph article, which also gives suggestions for plants to choose as companions too.

I may well need another trip to the wonderful Jack Dunckley's Birchfield at Henfield!

This nursery is a plant lover's dream.

I've quite a few Heucheras around the garden, but this is my first Heucherella, called Golden Zebra.

What a great plant name!

Miscanthus sinensis Morning Light, a name just perfect for this beautiful grass.

I love grasses.

I really hope there's no rain tomorrow, so I can get my new additions settled in.



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There's been new visitors to the patch recently, including this fluffed-up blackbird fledgling and a young fox - one of two, who seems quite content to lie on top of empty flowerpots!

There's been new visitors and followers to my blog too, so thank you.

To mark this I'm having a giveaway!

As all you gardeners will know, Autumn is an ideal time to be adding plants to your garden, and to plan ahead for next season.

With this in mind my prize is a copy of 200 Great Perennials, a neat little book, full of expert tips, practical advice and inspiration.

No garden should be without a perennial or two, so what I'd like you to do is to name one you would recommend every garden should have.

I'm leaving the giveaway open to all who visit my blog, from the UK and overseas, and also those who haven't ever left a comment before.

I'll pick out a winner on 7th August, so please get your suggestions in as soon as you can.


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... is on.

So today hasn't been the best of days for counting butterflies, but there's plenty of time to get your sightings in.

I'm going to wait for a sunny day!

Big Butterfly Count

To date, all these beautiful butterflies have been regular visitors to my garden.

Above is the Small White on Verbena bonariensis.

A Red Admiral on Cephalaria gigantea.

A Speckled Wood on Buddleia davidii.

A Gatekeeper on Marjoram.

A Common Blue on Stachys byzantina.

A Comma on Euphorbia ?.

Gardening for Butterflies



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To date it's been a good year for soft fruit in my garden.

That includes a successful first crop of Strawberries, and hopefully another smaller flush to follow in a month or so?

Today I picked 3lb of Gooseberries, off one bush.

Now for the top and tailing!

Yet more Raspberries, which are always in plentiful supply.

There's just enough here to use in an Almond and Raspberry Cake.

I can definitely vouch for this cake being equally delicious cold, or served warm with ice-cream.

Just the Redcurrants laying in wait to be picked now!