Just in case you didn't know Autumnwatch is back on our screens on the 5 November, I really love it, and Springwatch too, I am afraid for the whole week I shall be glued to the screen at 8.00, so no blog postings then! I really like Bill Oddie presenting it along with Kate Humble, they make a great team. I wonder where Simon King will be this year, last year he was on Rhum with the red deer, it must be difficult thinking of another venue to top that, and remember the plight of the little baby seal, the supergeese and the lovely red squirrels. I can't wait to see what lovely little critters they come up with for this year.

picture from the web

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Gigibird said...

I too am glued to Sringwatch each year.
Since seeing Bill Oddie on Who do you think you are I have taken to him....did you see it? I cried until it hurt....

Matron said...

Me too! So wonderful last year to follow the story of those deer rutting. I am glued to the TV for these shows, thank you for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

Springwatch exhaused me, my youngest wanted to stay up every night and watch the barn owls on Nightwatch and who am I to refuse? Looking forward to Autumnwatch, thanks for the reminder.